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#32232 - 11/02/02 11:56 AM How To Diagnose....
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I have a seven-year-old beginner who I think might be dyslexic, but I can't tell for sure. I suspect this because of a frequent tendency to invert things visually. (Even "up" and "down" on the keyboard often get reversed.)

I feel awkward about bringing this up with her mom. I worry that saying, "I think Susie might be dylsexic" will sound like I'm making a judgement on her abilities.

Finally, if she is do I deal with a)reading the music and b) making sense of the keyboard topography?

#32233 - 11/03/02 02:52 AM Re: How To Diagnose....
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Do you think that sometimes parents do not tell us of the problems their children have? I had a student with bad reading problems for quite a while. Finally the mom told me that her daughter had been diagnosed as dyslexic at school. She had not told me because she didn't think it was important, and besides, she didn't want her child to be "labeled". I do have a space on my enrollment form now, "Parent's Comments (please inform me of any special needs of your child)"....

#32234 - 11/04/02 07:08 AM Re: How To Diagnose....
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Eric, when I was student teaching in college, I had a freshman that was dyslexic. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it until close to the end of the year. Since by that time I had so little time to figure out any workable solutions, I don't have a lot of suggestions for you.
I do think that you should say something to the mother. Maybe something like, "You know, I've been noticing that _______ has a tendency to invert the notes and I was wondering if you've noticed this in her school work, too." It would at least open the door of communication without sounding judgemental.

#32235 - 11/06/02 10:54 AM Re: How To Diagnose....
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I had wanted to talk about this subject, actually. Once, I had a college student who told me at the beginning that he was dyslexic. Consequently, we spent a lot of his lesson time sightreading. He did okay, the more reading we did.

By contrast, and I think Dolce mentioned the space on her registration form, I have a problem student now. For the longest time, I was convinced that she is dyslexic, but her mom failed to mention this: even on the form space. The mom listed under 'special needs': N/A. Just Sunday evening, the mother calls to tell me that my student's having a hard time in school (high school), and that the girl's learning disability isn't helping much. Unfortunately, I wasn't home when she called, as I'm a little miffed for her lack of mentioning this disorder sooner. I think that if you suspect a disorder, you may be right on.

#64399 - 12/02/13 01:48 AM Re: How To Diagnose.... [Re: SmoopyBean]
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I definitely hope that you did talk to the mother. Sometimed parents don't say anything, because they want their children to do well on their own merit. Most of the time, however, that backfires.


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