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#59073 - 05/19/12 10:21 AM Re: Scale practise [Re: Stacey]
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CM evaluators go through training as well and I have been quite satisfied with their work. We have to attend training every two years to make sure we are up to date.

#59078 - 05/19/12 03:07 PM Re: Scale practise [Re: Stacey]
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Originally Posted By: Stacey
As a side note, I could see a national standard/program being especially beneficial for a family who moves around (like a military family), rather than staying in one state.

My exposure to this type of thing is very limited, too. As of this moment, of the families to whom I have presented TAP, only one is interested. I can't imagine some of my students being interested in anything that rigorous, so while I plan to teach as much of the syllabus as possible to each student, some just won't have any desire to go that direction, and that is fine with me. One parent in a family (who is very supportive of their excellent students) reacted with shock to find that there would be such a thing as an assessment system for music lessons. She felt that it would turn into something like the standardized assessments most schools use today, and take the enjoyment right out of playing (and yes, it is clear that the whole family is enjoying learning right along with the children). I'm also looking into Guild. I might offer both, as many others do.

Here are my reasons for being attracted to the program:

1) The comprehensive syllabus (it seems like TAP requires more aural training than does CM...I'm sure I will be corrected if I am wrong!)
2) The North American standard, as opposed to California only (I know that technically, you can do CM outside of California, but does that actually happen?)
3) My students cannot participate in CM, because I am not yet eligible to join. But they can participate in TAP.
4) I love that in many provinces in Canada, students can earn high school and college credit for their RCM exams. I really do hope that becomes the case in the States, as well. OK, so that is a future thinking aspect I like, but if people don't participate now, how can that ever happen? Yes, I know about the CLEP for theory, but I believe that's the only academic credit option available right now?

#59085 - 05/19/12 07:08 PM Re: Scale practise [Re: musicat]
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Yes, they do CM outside California. In fact, they are using it in China as well as in several other states. The costs for the students are incredibly lower than TAP. The newest revision of the syllabus will be released at the convention this summer.

#65489 - 12/22/14 01:00 PM Re: Scale practise [Re: Joyful]
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Articulation is the easiest way to add variety to scale practice. One hand staccato, the other legato. Also, eighth notes against quarternotes or triplets against quarternotes. Have you ever explored Joan Last "Freedom Technique"? Oxford University Press. Book 2 has scale rhythms p.9 #22a,b,c. p.3 #7a,b,c. Book 3 "Enjoyment can be added to scale practice if various rhythms are attempted". p.9 a,b,c,d. p.3 #3. p.18 # 48a,b.

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