I like to be able to play my children recordings of the original music for the simple tunes wherever possible, but two of the tunes in book B have me completely stumped. I know that they say what they are, but I can't find them in the works mentioned. One is the Mozart theme in "A Finger Trick" which it says is from K45 and the other is Ludwig's Theme which claims to come from Beethoven's 7th symphony 3rd movement, but I can't find it even slightly paraphrased there.

The Mozart - GABCDCBA G - G - C (repeat) CCBBA - BBAAG - da capo
The Beethoven - C C D D E E F E D D B B C repeat.

Please can you tell me where exactly where these extracts are taken from.


EDIT: 2 days, 60 views, no replies.... so I can't be the only one having trouble finding out what these pieces are then...