I have a friend who is a pianist and his daughter has been keenly playing around on the piano. She is about to turn 4. He taught her twinkle twinkle. He asked me what book I would suggest for him to use to teach her...he says she's pretty switched on.

I'm inclined to say keep teaching her songs by rote and playing around on the piano keys, improv etc. and when she's 4 and a half years old she might be ready for MFPA.
Does that sound fair?

Is there any value in learning finger numbers and writing songs out with just numbers in the style of the first pianimals book? would it hurt to do this?

If he really wanted a book would Nusic for little mozarts work with her age?
I would never use this course because it is positional, but what if he just used book A...it seems to introduce only 3 notes in each hand..therefore finger numbers could be changed around?

Is there anything else wrong with MFLM A?

She's a potential future student for me so I want to set her up right.