Dear MS. Lilla,

My son was born in US, but we have been living in China for two years now. China is our native country. Kevin is now 5 years old and he has been in piano lessons for 6 months.

We will move back to US in couple month of time and I want to prepare him to continue piano lessons in US.

My specific quesions are:

1. Textbook.

We are now mainly using John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course. This is the most widely used textbook in China. I am not sure if that's the case in the US. I wonder if there will be any fundamental difference in the teaching. Do I need to ask his teach to start him on some main-stream US textbook just for transition purpose?

2. Teaching Style

I now sit through all my son's class and practise with him everyday. I wonder if parents are allowed during class in US?

3. Music Theory

Right now, all his class are taught in Chinese. He speaks very limited English and I don't think he understand much piano terminology. Is there any introductory theory textbook you would recommend just so that I can start to teach him myself? (I knew nothing about piano before my son starts, but right now I learn whatever he learns.)

4.Practise time
First question is rather out of curiosity. How much time kids typically spend on practise?

My son takes a 45 mins class a week and spend another 30 mins a week practise with his teacher. At home, we spend 20-40 mins a day. We usually practise more right after class and less towards the end of the week.

I always feel my son was progressing too fast. He is now half way through John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course 3. We also study another Chinese nursery rhyme book. We would do 4-6 song a week.

I feel it's a little bit overwhelming and my son could probably play each song better if we can cut down to 3-4 songs a week. But his teach insist that he is fine.

I wonder if this kind of progress is normal in US.

5.Piano choice.

We now use a local Chinese brand piano. When we come to US, I will buy one for sure and mostly buy an upright console. I wonder what'll be a good choice for my son's case.

I know I asked a lot. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you very much.

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