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#47484 - 05/03/10 05:48 PM Going too fast?
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My son has been taking lessons for a year and a half since he was six. He is now getting ready to finish up level 3A. I never expected him to move through the books so quickly. How can I tell as a parent if he's really moving at the pace he should and not getting moved on before he's ready? He only practices about 30 minutes a day, so he certaintly isn't moving on because of a lot of time spent on practicing. He really only plays through his lesson once a day, the rest of the time he plays his favorite songs from previous levels. Thanks in advance for any advice!

#47486 - 05/03/10 10:12 PM Re: Going too fast? [Re: LoveTheMusic]
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What are you particularly concerned about?

It sounds like if she's progressed this fast you shouldn't be disappointed or worried. She's obviously doing well.

Or.... is it more that you feel like she's being rushed through music? Do you not think she's playing well or clean? Does the teacher appear more concerned with what level she's at rather than the quality of her playing?

#47493 - 05/04/10 08:51 AM Re: Going too fast? [Re: Un Suspiro]
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If you're worried about sight reading, you could ask her to play some things she has never heard before and see how well she does. That is what I worry about sometimes with fast moving students.

Also, does she go to festivals or Guild where she is evaluated by an outside teacher? That is how you will learn about the quality of her playing.

#47502 - 05/04/10 05:39 PM Re: Going too fast? [Re: Nancyspiano]
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Hi LoveTheMusic,

That is pretty fast progress. If you do not mind me asking, how long are her lessons?

If her practice is detailed and correct, I would not worry. In regards to playing through favorite songs, I think it's good that she is playing something she enjoys. If you are concerned, I would talk with the teacher. Is she doing theory and technique as well?

#47510 - 05/04/10 11:27 PM Re: Going too fast? [Re: Piano Chris]
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For some kids piano just "clicks", but I'm wondering if she has an older brother or could she be learning these pieces by ear? I agree that i'd try giving her music that she's never seen before to test her sight reading. If she can read correctly then I'd just celebrate!
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#47522 - 05/05/10 08:53 AM Re: Going too fast? [Re: tdow]
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Thank you for all of the comments. The teacher does not seem concerned with level. They are plenty of times we come home with repeat songs. And there are students that have been going much longer than us who aren't far ahead anymore. So I don't think that's an issue. No, he has never played for another teacher, maybe I'll do that just for my own peace of mind.
Lessons are 30 minutes, and he does theory at home and it's checked by his teacher at the lesson.
And lastly, he does not have an older sibling. And he's the only one doing piano. He does seem to have a "knack" for it, but he's no prodigy either! Maybe I just need some reassurance that's it's ok to go so fast. I'm worried that if he's missing something it could frustrate him when he gets to the advanced songs.


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