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#46713 - 04/07/10 11:03 PM help with left hand chords...
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Hello, I'm trying to learn a new piece that my teacher has asked me to work on and I'm having an issue. It seems my issue as of right now is that I'm having difficulty playing any music in which the left hand is constantly playing appreggiated chords(while the RH is playing the melody). Now, I can play them if it's only for about 2 measures and then there's a break but when it's throughout the whole piece; I struggle. My teacher said to try and play the chords blocked instead of separated to get a feel for the movement but the problem is that the chords are sevenths with passing tones.I can't really play them as one giant chord. What should i do to help me resolve this?

#46761 - 04/11/10 07:36 AM Re: help with left hand chords... [Re: N3wman918]
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Several suggestions:

1> Make sure your hand is relaxed and has a good shape

2> Make sure your forearm is parallel with the floor

3> While playing be sure that you are using the "slur gesture/ float off" movement

1> Find a four measure phrase that has given you trouble

2> Practice the left hand ten times alone in the phrase

3> Very slowly (metronome: 50-70 beats per minute) play through the section with RH and LH together. The first time you make a mistake, stop! Start the phrase over again. What we are trying to do with this technique is train the hands to be coordinated together. You will find that you will get farther and farther into the phrase each time. Remember, this only works at very slow speed.

If any of this is unclear, just post a followup and I'll do my best to clarify!

Good luck!



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