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#44707 - 12/23/09 07:31 PM Re: Attention Everyone! [Re: Vivace']
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Welcome Betsy! I have 3 moms of piano students that are taking lessons themselves this year as well. Isn't it fun? It's a real eye opener for them to get a taste of what their children experience.
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#44709 - 12/23/09 10:04 PM Re: Attention Everyone! [Re: Jennifer]
Susan Offline
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Hi Betsy. Welcome to the board! Please post any questions you have about methods. You will find a lot of different opinions and a lot of good ideas.

#44711 - 12/24/09 08:51 AM Re: Attention Everyone! [Re: Susan]
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Jennifer - yes, I think the moms taking lessons has been good for the students. First, it brings more focus on the piano in the house when Mom is practicing, too. Second, it gives the parents some appreciation of why practice is important and what the lack of practice feels like when their child gets to the lesson is unable to play a piece well. Third, the parents are better able to help their children for the other 167 hours a week that we aren't with our students!

Susan - I am definitely going to be posting questions once I've had a chance to get through all the existing posts so that I'm not duplicating well-answered earlier posts. I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all method, so I'm eagerly seeking out information, thoughts, tips, etc. for all the methods!

#44721 - 12/27/09 12:51 AM Re: Attention Everyone! [Re: Betsy]
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I have a mom taking lessons along with her two children. It's really been helpful. She's just completed the PA All-In-One Adult Course. We completed the main course level 3b at the same time as the Adult Level 2, working on them together. So, after the break we start main course level 4.

The benefit is that she is able to help her children with technique as well as reading. I'll often have her play her children's assignments during her lesson in order to show her exactly how they should be practised and what the important concepts being stressed are.

I let her do all the theory book work with the children at home, including the teacher parts. She makes notes on any difficulty the kids may have had that I need to review. I also allow her to introduce new scales at home and I hear them the following week. This allows me to spend much more of the children's lesson time on problem areas and new concepts.

Of course practice is not even an issue and the kids love doing duets with their mother. It's been very successful.

#48409 - 06/17/10 01:19 AM Re: Attention Everyone! [Re: Vivace']
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Hi! I'll introduce myself as well. I am new here and am also a new teacher! I have already found this forum to be very helpful, and I look forward to using it more in the future!

#48417 - 06/17/10 09:25 AM Re: Attention Everyone! [Re: Jason]
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(Quoting Jason) >>> 2) "Regulars": Give people a chance! Whether they're asking a question that's been answered 1000000 times or wanting to discuss Non-Faber materials, treat each post like it's the first of it's kind you've ever seen. Every topic under the sun deserves to be re-examined from time to time, and good hand position is good hand position, whether you're using Piano Adventures, Bastien Piano Basics, Music for Little Mozarts, Piano Town, John Thompson, or Ferdinand Beyer.>>>

Thanks Jason for that particular comment!

#56091 - 10/13/11 08:49 PM Re: Attention Everyone! [Re: Joyful]
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So, I know this post is kind of old...but I figured I'd introduce myself as well. I am a new teacher and have only 8 students. I've been teaching for about 1 year now. I'm always looking for new ideas and I constantly have questions about teaching tips and stuff! smile

#56094 - 10/13/11 09:14 PM Re: Attention Everyone! [Re: Lauren2]
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Hi Lauren2! Good to meet you. smile I'm new as well. Besides teaching my daughter and my friend's children, I just started my studio and teaching others a couple of months ago. It's been quite the journey so far! Like you, I'm also in the "constantly seeking new ideas and having tons of questions about teaching and stuff" phase. Although, I'm thinking this may be a constant phase that a piano teacher never "grows out" of?? LOL. Anyway, I have 10 + 2 students. laugh I have 10 weekly students and 2 additional students that are friend's children and they are kind of off-and-on. I'm really enjoying it, but wow it's a lot of work just setting everything up, learning to teach different ages and different personalities and planning lessons for different levels of books, etc. I hope you are enjoying the journey too!

#56100 - 10/14/11 09:16 AM Re: Attention Everyone! [Re: Debra]
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Originally Posted By: Debra
Like you, I'm also in the "constantly seeking new ideas and having tons of questions about teaching and stuff" phase. Although, I'm thinking this may be a constant phase that a piano teacher never "grows out" of?? LOL.

So true, Debra! I've been teaching for 28 years, and I still get great new ideas here all the time! Keeps things fresh and fun!

#56229 - 10/18/11 07:24 PM Re: Attention Everyone! [Re: Debra]
Lauren2 Offline
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It's good to meet you too! As you said, it is a lot of work but it is very fun! I really enjoy teaching. smile

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