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#34555 - 04/14/07 03:19 AM Re: Welcome to the new online guide!
Niftynote Offline
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This is so great! It helps to have this instruction for teachers so readily available now! I love being able to go right to the song being worked on!

#34556 - 04/14/07 04:58 AM Re: Welcome to the new online guide!
Dorothy Anna Offline
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Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!

This website is so great and I continue to learn so much from everyone. I am glad I found this.

#34557 - 04/14/07 11:06 AM Re: Welcome to the new online guide!
GailS Offline
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What a wonderful gift!!

I just stopped by the website to take a break from taxes and this really brightened my otherwise stressful day.

I was waiting for the opportunity to purchase this when it came out. I'll definitely be looking for the next level guide and saving a spot on next years schedule C for it. \:\)

#34558 - 04/14/07 01:44 PM Re: Welcome to the new online guide!
Lisa Kalmar Offline
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Simply. Incredible.

This is cutting edge and at the top of the class. Congrats to all involved for another monumental achievement towards better pedagogy for all. Lisa

#34559 - 04/14/07 01:45 PM Re: Welcome to the new online guide!
John Offline
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Sad that I won't get to really look at this until later in week \:\( , but thrilled that it exists! \:D \:\)

Not to get all prophetic, but resources like this site and piano teaching podcasts, etc., will certainly inspire and educate many younger teachers to a level that wasn't even possible before (without pedagogy classes and mentors).

It is also REALLY SMART from a marketing perspective. As more teachers begin using the Faber series effectively and as the authors intended, we will hopefully have more successful piano students progressing through the books. WIN/WIN. \:D Imagine stores selling as many Level 5's as they do Primers!

#34560 - 04/15/07 01:06 PM Re: Welcome to the new online guide!
Rhondo Offline
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This is fantastic!! Thank you for this user-friendly resource. Priceless. I hope this is a permanent feature.

#34561 - 04/16/07 05:37 AM Re: Welcome to the new online guide!
keynote88 Offline
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This is wonderful! I am so excited to have it available online! Will it always be online? Will it be released as a seperate book for teachers to use?

#34562 - 04/16/07 05:56 AM Re: Welcome to the new online guide!
salthouse Offline
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This looks great! Currently I have 4 students in PA Primer and just printed out the guide pages for their new pieces this week. Really looking forward to trying these out!

Now I can't wait for the other levels to be online - any time table for that?

#34563 - 04/16/07 06:12 AM Re: Welcome to the new online guide!
Jon Administrator Online   content

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Thanks everyone for your comments!

The Fabers personally sponsored the production of the teacher guide and are committed to having it available to the teacher community.

They are attempting to work with FJH to make an edition available in print with DVDs.

#34564 - 04/17/07 01:25 AM Re: Welcome to the new online guide!
Glen Sprigg Offline
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Heh. Now I know why you let me do my coordinated list...glad I could contribute. ;\)

Anyway, this is a wonderful resource, and I'm definitely going to be using it a lot. I'm moving in September and starting my own studio in a small town that only has two (Barrie has 150) teachers at the moment. I've even had feelers about a violin/vocal teacher looking for a studio to work with!

I'm assuming that there will be similar resources for the other levels in the series eventually?
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