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#34537 - 05/25/07 10:07 AM Skipping My First Piano Adventures Book 3
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Hi! I REALLY like the 1st two "My First Piano Adventures" books. However, since my kids are VERY much "into" the CDs, and being that the 1st two MFPA books are so CD driven, I'm afraid that since book C doesn't have a CD, it will be a huge disappointment. Do any of you have a favorite alternative way to bridge the gap after Book B before putting them into regular Piano Adventures Book 1 w/out having to use the MFPA Book C? I'm thinking that I could supplement w/ the Gold Star Performance primer level book and Hal Leonard's Piano Solos Books 1 (which are harder than the songs in the Lesson Book, both of which use skips and some trickier rhythms, but do have fun accompaniment CDs. What do you think? Is there truly a compelling reason to use MFPA Book C?

#34538 - 06/05/07 03:22 AM Re: Skipping My First Piano Adventures Book 3
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I would definately use book three if the child is not getting the whole "skipping" thing. I have a few that struggle there. And, I have ordered the level C book.. but it is not in yet. \:\( I know that i have kids that struggle through level one at times, because they are not familiar with their steps and skips and so on. So, i do think that it is important.

I have yet to see book C.. but i am sure it will be good. \:\) What about the popular books that you can get in the primer level.... they have less songs, and will reinforce what they know and what they should know. May be a nice inbetween step. \:\)

#34539 - 06/05/07 08:22 AM Re: Skipping My First Piano Adventures Book 3
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I would DEFINITELY not skip it. In my opinion this may be the most important book of the three for establishing solid reading skills. In fact, I think there are a lot of older children in the primer level (the ones a little slower on getting steps and skips) that will benefit enormously using this as a bridge between primer level and level one. And I woldn't worry about not having a CD. When I did the pilot this was never an issue - the pieces themselves are extremely motivational, not to mention the fact that the children are excited at passing into the "big kid" books. There are also technical pieces that are extremely important for setting kids up for level one technique.

After finishing the "C" books I always transition children into the Gold Star primer before level one. The lay-out is vertical, something new, and this makes a nice introduction to reading that way, plus they love the songs and CD. Sometimes I will have Gold Star primer be the main book and start them with level one books a little slower than an older child - depends on the individual.

#34540 - 06/05/07 08:55 AM Re: Skipping My First Piano Adventures Book 3
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I wondered about the "no CD" thing myself with book 3. The kids LOVE the CD's with their books and they get so familar with the songs on them as they are learning. I use the series with preschool and kindergarten age children and start in primer with grades 1-2 in the series. Parents of my little ones that take lessons have been asking about the no CD thing also in book C.
Is a CD even in the works for MFPA book C? What was the reasoning behind not having one for tihs book???
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#34541 - 06/05/07 12:49 PM Re: Skipping My First Piano Adventures Book 3
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I have my students begin the GS Primer at the same time as the MFPA Book C. That has seemed to make parents wanting a CD happy. Students are still working in the GS Primer as we move into Level 1.

I do miss having a writing book though.

#34542 - 06/06/07 07:55 AM Re: Skipping My First Piano Adventures Book 3
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Great ideas supplementing with the Primer Level Gold Star Performance book with CD. My First Piano Adventure Book C has more pieces of music and fewer activities than A or B, so there is less need for a sing-along soundtrack. Also, going without a CD puts an increased demand on students' developing reading skills.

Writing Book C coming VERY SOON.



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