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#33402 - 10/29/04 06:42 AM Coordinated fingers
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I have two questions really. First one: I need to get my scales at MM(quarternote)=126, playing 16th notes. I can go that fast but my left had tends to lag behind, especially when playing scales that one hand starts a third or sixth above. What can i do to get my hands to play evenly?
Second question:
After about 1 hour of practicing, i notice especially on my arpeggios, that my thumbs start to go a little i too tense? What can i do to stop that?

#33403 - 10/30/04 06:19 AM Re: Coordinated fingers
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Scale practice is for coordination more than gaining speed. Each hand is performing a different task, although in parallel motion, playing in unison.

If your left hand is lagging, you're playing too fast. Begin your practice at a slower tempo where your hands are both striking simultaneously, then gradually increase it.

Varying articulation and rhythms is also an interesting way to practice scales and arpeggios, but I'll bet you already do that
If your left hand is naturally weaker, you may want to try exercises for that particular problem, Czerny Op.718 for instance.

Your thumbs getting numb is probably from too much pressure. Be sure to listen carefully to see if you're stressing notes played with the thumbs and play lighter.

Remember Randy's quote:
"Thumbs be nimble, thumbs be quick!
Thumbs don't accent like a brick"

Good luck, and let me know if I can help again.



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