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#32853 - 10/09/06 02:23 PM Rhythm Flag in Accelerated PA
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Why do they use another system of counting for Accelerated PA? For a measure with 2 quarters and a half note they count:
1 1 1-2

I'm not sure if they do this in the primer because I don't have any young beginners. But why don't they use the traditional 1 2 3 4 ?

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It is introduced in the primer to help the beginning student feel how long to hold a note. Counting 1-1 help them with quarter notes. Counting 1-2 helps them hold half notes.

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There are several different "counting systems", each with its own set of advantages or disadvantages, and the information about said systems forms the background for rhythmic pedagogy.

There is a bigger question at stake here, which I will refrain from asking. Perhaps someone else would like to field it... ;\)


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Just try to have a 4 year old clap 2 quarter notes and a half note using the 1 2 3-4 when they have no concept of addition. Thats why. It works really great with them. Are you teaching under your piano teacher's guidance? If so, talk to them about things like this, they will be the best at explaining things because they know your experience better than we. I'm not trying to discourage you from teaching in any way, since I started young, but learn the basics one-on-one with your teacher. And your teacher needs to know what you are having questions about

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The 1 1 1-2 system is called unit counting and, as others have said, it's very useful for younger students. I myself start young students with nominal counting: "quarter, quarter, half-note" so there's no possibility of confusing counting numbers with finger numbers. The Fabers actually offer a variation with "walk" for quarter notes and, at Level 2A, "run-ning" for two eighths.

However, everybody needs to do metric counting (1 2 3 4) eventually. So if you're working with older students, I'd say start them out with metric.

By the way, there is another system: syllabic. That's the "ta" system often used in vocal music programs. (Started by Kodally, I believe.) In the long-ago days when I taught elementary band, I used that system in addition to metric counting. The ta's and ti-ti's seemed well suited for wind players. (Similar to tonguing.)

Susan Bagot


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