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#32748 - 08/21/04 09:32 AM Motivating Pieces in the Upper-Elem. Early-Int.
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I have 2 adult students at the upper elementary / early intermediate level that need pieces that sound like music. I do not care for the Alfed CHORD CHORD CHORD clunky music. Does anyone have suggestions for music that isn't childish or too chordy?

#32749 - 08/21/04 10:15 AM Re: Motivating Pieces in the Upper-Elem. Early-Int.
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I have an adult in Allan Small's Teachers Choice for Young Pianists. It has a wide variety of different styles of music and although, at this level, they are not wonderful, don't sound too bad. My student enjoys them. If you are not familiar with this book, you can go to Pianolane and see the contents. My student also enjoys Alfred's Broadway book and a few of the FJH sheets that are not child-oriented. In the past, she has also used Margaret Goldston's Classics books(arrangements).

#32750 - 08/21/04 11:57 AM Re: Motivating Pieces in the Upper-Elem. Early-Int.
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There's always the John Thompson Adult books, but I like the Bastien Older Beginner Piano Course....adults learn a lot faster than children and they get into "real" songs pretty quickly. Check them out at your music store.

#32751 - 08/21/04 12:59 PM Re: Motivating Pieces in the Upper-Elem. Early-Int.
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A Royal Conservatory repertoire book, maybe? And/or Bach from the Anna Magdalena book?

#32752 - 08/21/04 05:07 PM Re: Motivating Pieces in the Upper-Elem. Early-Int.
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Keith Snell Repertoire books are good (level 1 or 2) they come in a variety of eras and levels. My students really like these to supplement.

Masterworks classics book 1-2 or maybe 3 would work. (three starts to get intermediate level so you may want to check out both levels)

Also the other books I would reccomend are the Michael Aaron performance books (level 2). They have a variety of styles and music without sounding "clunky". My students enjoy these as reveiw pieces when they finish a level.

#32753 - 08/21/04 07:01 PM Re: Motivating Pieces in the Upper-Elem. Early-Int.
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This was one of the HL day spa topics.. so lets see what i can remember from earlier today.. lots of their composers in focus material. Their classical theme books. they try to keep the covers from looking to childish to make it better for using with adults.

#32754 - 08/22/04 05:33 AM Re: Motivating Pieces in the Upper-Elem. Early-Int.
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Try Denes Agay's Joy of First Year Piano for a variety of quality pieces.

#32755 - 08/22/04 09:38 AM Re: Motivating Pieces in the Upper-Elem. Early-Int.
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Randall Hartsell has written a couple of books that I like for my adult students. They're called "Something Special".

#32756 - 08/23/04 12:47 AM Re: Motivating Pieces in the Upper-Elem. Early-Int.
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We don't really have to look further than the wonderful FJH company for inspirational music for adults.

1. Faber's Chordtime book - the trick of using chord time is that you can always modify the accompaniment if it is solid block chord. Try break the chord up and make up a little improvisation exercise for the student.

2. Melody Bober's Just for Fun - Great book. Lots of songs sound harder than it is... not hard to play when you understand the chord structure. Melody Bober also has some "pretty songs" in her romantic rhapsodies book 1. You might want to check it out.

3. I was teaching David Karp's Cool Beat Blue from his Let's go Solo Book today. I think it will be a good song for adult students who want to learn syncopated rhythm. It is very little dissonant but it has a great beat to it. Should check it out. Other songs from the book that i will recommend are Autumn Rag and Swan on Lake

#32757 - 08/24/04 06:33 AM Re: Motivating Pieces in the Upper-Elem. Early-Int.
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Are you looking for sheet music or books? For sheet, all my adults like Gypsy Earrings (Brett) and Music Box Melody by Bober.

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