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#28674 - 05/17/03 07:10 PM Buying a new piano!
Jennifer Online   content
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Help! I'm in the process of buying a new piano and was wondering a few things. First, can you talk the piano stores down on the prices of the piano or is the price they give you firm? Second, we are currently looking at a Samick baby grand. It's used, only about 2 months old because the lady decided she wanted something bigger afterall. They are asking $6500.00. Is anyone famliar with the brand. Does this sound like a good deal?

Any other tips or hints when looking for a piano would be helpful. Thanks!
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#28675 - 05/17/03 09:01 PM Re: Buying a new piano!
Arlene Steffen Offline
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I've not heard particularly good things about the Samick, but I've never actually played one either.

Be cautious. I know you are excited at the prospect of getting a piano, especially if you are buying a grand. Take your time; play lots of pianos. This is a huge investment and you don't want to be sorry you laid out such a huge amount of money.

I lucked out, really, when I bought mine last year. Of course, I'm paying for it for the next few years . . .

You should get a copy of the The Piano Book my Larry Fine. Our public library carries it, but I think it's worthwhile for a piano teacher to have a copy that could be loaned to parents.

#28676 - 05/17/03 09:35 PM Re: Buying a new piano!
Carole Offline
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Yes, and talk to your piano tuner/technician. He is a valuable resource and often knows about brands.

#28677 - 05/18/03 12:46 AM Re: Buying a new piano!
Piano lady Offline
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I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but if you're getting a grand get a good one. If you can't afford a good grand, get a good upright. Regarding grands, I've played on a bunch of them. We'll leave out the Fazioli and Imperial Bosendorfers. I can't afford the lid on them.

I will say this: you won't find a decent grand for under about $15,000, new or used.

1st choice: Steinway -- actually if you don't mind something a bit large, you might be able to find a sweet deal on a B (7'). M's and L's usually are more expensive used. Reason is that most people want a parlor grand. On a used one, budget about $3,000 over and above purchase price for work like a new action, hammers, etc.

2nd choice: Yamaha -- for cost the G series isn't bad for what you get. You won't get the character of a Steinway, but they're not bad.

3rd choice: get a good upright. $6500 might get you into a decent one. Yamaha here.

Samicks have no depth of tone, nor do many of the brands. I haven't really been impressed with very many pianos.

#28678 - 05/18/03 08:27 AM Re: Buying a new piano!
Jennifer Online   content
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We have to get a baby grand because our living room will not fit a grand. It will be taking most of the room just with a baby.

My library doesn't open again until Tuesday and we have an appt. on Monday at a piano store. I'll just have to try really hard not to get caught up in the excitement and not buy before I do my research! Thanks!

Thanks for the input, keep them coming.
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#28679 - 05/18/03 09:06 AM Re: Buying a new piano!
Lisa Kalmar Offline
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The price has nothing to do with the sticker or what they tell you initially. It's a lot like buying a house in that regard. It would be helpful for you, negotiating-wise, if you find two pianos at different stores that are comparable. Then pit the salespeople against each other. That's the best way to get a good deal. Like buying a house, you don't want to become emotionally attached to a specific instrument or timeframe. (Or don't let the salesperson know at least!)

Oftentimes you can get a better deal towards the end of the month, due to sales quotas that have to be met.

Don't forget to have them throw in "freebies" at the last minute. When you can't get them to budge on price is a good time to demand stuff like a double artist bench, stuff like that.

The exception to any of these rules is often Yamaha. They are so popular there's usually little leeway on the prices.

Whatever you do, remember to budget above & beyond the cost of your grand for a damppchaser system installation. It will pay for itself pretty fast with the need for less tunings and makes a HUGE difference for your instrument on a day to day basis.

I would second getting a copy of the Fine book and the recommendation to slow down. Play lotsa pianos, even some out of town, if you can. Also, for that kind of money I wouldn't go NEAR a Samick. JMO!


#28680 - 05/18/03 09:35 AM Re: Buying a new piano!
newpianoplayer Offline
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Gop to and check out the piano forum. You'll get lots of advise about buying a piano.

#28681 - 05/18/03 10:53 AM Re: Buying a new piano!
alidoremi Offline
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Yamaha, Steinway, Kawai would be my choices, with Yamaha my favorite.

#28682 - 05/18/03 12:27 PM Re: Buying a new piano!
NancyK Offline
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Ditto to Yamaha, Steinway and Kawai. I have played some very nice Baldwins as well. I have played many pianos in the stores (don't own a grand yet either) and I haven't ever liked ANY of the Samicks AT ALL! I have a Kawai upright that is 17 years old and looks and sounds great. I have person after peron tell me they love the sound of my piano and it is only a studio size upright. It has been so great I may look at Kawai when I go to buy a grand. Seems the Yamaha's all sound great, yet each piano is very individual. How exciting for you! I hope you find just the perfect one!

#28683 - 05/18/03 12:57 PM Re: Buying a new piano!
John Offline
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I've only played 2 Bostons (made by Steinway), but loved them both. Think of them as the affordable Steinway.

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