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#27176 - 08/15/01 11:00 PM lagging left hand
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I have always had trouble with my scales because my left hand always drags behind when I play the scales fast. I have practiced slowly and gradually upped the tempo but even after many years of practicing I still have dragging left hand. Any good practice suggestions? By the way, I was mostly self-taught and didn't have a teacher to guide me until I entered university as a piano performance major. (That was 12 years ago)

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#27177 - 08/16/01 01:49 AM Re: lagging left hand
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P S Kim,

I'm the most right-handed person on the planet \:o and I've given left-handitis a lot of thought. There are all sorts of suggestions that I could give you such as conduct or play drums with the left hand, use the mouse with your left hand, eat, drink, and do anything where you aren't likely to hurt yourself to help aid in the coordination and refinement of the motor control in your left hand and arm. Practice scales and other piano exercises more with the left hand than the right. Your right hand probably needs much less practice. After putting all the above into pracice, perhaps the best thing I can suggest is a mental aid that I have found often helps more than anything else: Don't try to make your left hand keep up with your right so that you sense it is lagging behind. Instead think of your left hand as the dominant hand or the leader. Don't go faster than your left hand can accurately lead. Expect more of the correct hand for the left side of your body but don't get frustrated if it doesn't always meet the high performance standards of your right hand.
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#27178 - 08/16/01 04:08 PM Re: lagging left hand
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I'd suggest playing the left hand a good bit louder than the right. That way, it'll be easier to focus your listening on it, which should do wonders.
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#27179 - 08/25/01 01:12 AM Re: lagging left hand
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I have a relatively weak left hand, so I pick pieces that have very challenging left hand work. Bach works wonders with hand coordination. Play a lot of Bach. You won't get better with the left hand unless you use it a lot.

#27180 - 08/25/01 08:34 AM Re: lagging left hand
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My left hand is also weaker than my right, but this year for an exam I picked a left hand study by Saint-Saens. No right hand in it whatsoever, so it forced me to concentrate only on the left. I improved my arpeggios quite a bit by learning that piece.

#27181 - 08/25/01 07:36 PM Re: lagging left hand
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To me, synchronizing the hands is an issue of leader-follower, of grouping notes, and of listening. For example, let the right hand be the leader, and the left hand the follower (parallel scale passages); but also make sure the hands synchronize together at main grouping points (strong beats); use accents initially at the strong beats, then get rid of them; don't allow even the smallest out-of-synch at slower tempos. The problem is a rhythmic one as much as a "technical" one. Maybe even try practicing the first note of every group of four, leaving out the other three notes, and see how well your hands synchronize at those points, at different tempos (assuming the grouping pattern is in 4's).


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