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#26784 - 04/06/00 10:58 AM Repeated Notes
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How important is it to insist that a student alternate fingers on fast repeated notes? Some students prefer using the same finger. As a student, I learned to place three fingers clumped on the key (1-2 and 3), and alternate which finger is taking the brunt of the weight. I've never seen anything written about this technique, though it seems to work well for me. Was my teacher crazy? Would I be passing on bad advice if I encouraged my students to try this?

#26785 - 04/06/00 09:51 PM Re: Repeated Notes
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Your teacher sounds brilliant. I like that very much. You might also try that same technique but with only fingers 1 and 2. (For instance, in the LH of the Beethoven Appassionata.)
I want my students to be able to play repeated notes with alternating fingers 3-2-1. It is a skill that should be explored. However, in many pieces I personally use one finger. Similarly, my students often use only one finger. I find a single finger allows a repeat without the damper falling back, giving a softer, more legato repetition. So, alternating fingers are not always best for repeated notes. It depends on the desired sound and on the context. Very good question.


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