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#26266 - 08/18/06 03:08 PM Re: Randall Faber Workshop
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Oh hey, I'm seeing him on the 29th, too....In Lynnwood! That must be where you are going, John.

#26267 - 08/18/06 04:39 PM Re: Randall Faber Workshop
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Memory is foggy, but I remember being at a workshop where Randall played, along with Melody Bober. I made a faux paux when I sat next to Melody in the front row and mentioned a piece my students enjoyed...and then she corrected me and said Wynne-Anne Rossi wrote it. \:o \:o

Yep, going to Lynnwood.

#26268 - 08/20/06 04:32 PM Re: Randall Faber Workshop
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Would love the chance to go to a Randall Faber workshop. I went to a FJH workshop on Friday and had the opportunity to see Dr. David Karp. He was also sharing about the new "My First Piano Adventures". I can't wait to get the chance to use them. Not only did I get the chance to meet him but I also had the opportunity to play a duet with him at the beginning of the workshop! It was such a treat and he such a delightful man. If you ever get the chance to meet him, do so!

#26269 - 08/22/06 06:55 AM Re: Randall Faber Workshop
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Rhondo - I'm going to WPCC in October. Hope to "see" you there!

I also attended one of Randy's workshops in Walnut Creek, CA a couple of weeks ago. Seeing & hearing him demonstrate some of the songs from My First P.A. was very helpful. A couple of notes I took:
Don't let the student be intimidated by the piano.
Students feel motivated if they feel they're in control.
With the younger students, let them place their hands on top of your's as you're playing.
Repetition is key!!!!
Students imitate sound and motion if you show them how.

If you get the opportunity to hear Randy speak, it's worth the time/drive/gas. I've heard him several times and each time, I come away with something I haven't realized before.

#26270 - 08/23/06 02:53 AM Re: Randall Faber Workshop
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If the Fabers put on a week long workshop at their studio, how many of us would jump at the chance to go up there!! At these shorter presentations, you feel he has just started when it's over.
Randy, Nancy, ever thought of doing that?

#26271 - 08/23/06 03:18 AM Re: Randall Faber Workshop
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I'd definetely go!!!! I'd love to hear Randy and Nancy. I've never had the privilege.


#26272 - 08/23/06 09:14 AM Re: Randall Faber Workshop
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I had the privilege of hearing Randall speak last week in Fargo also. It was the first time I've seen him and I'll echo what all of you have said. He was fantastic! Even though most of the workshop was focused on teaching from the new book for 5-6 year olds, there were alot of great hints and techniques to use with any student so they grasp basic concepts. I wish there were more workshops like that!

#26273 - 08/23/06 12:14 PM Re: Randall Faber Workshop
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Would y'all care to share some DETAILS with us unlucky ones? What were some of the specific tips you picked up that you plan to use immediatley if not sooner? \:\)

#26274 - 08/25/06 08:08 AM Re: Randall Faber Workshop
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I'd go to a week-long workshop at the Faber Piano Institute!

I was fortunate to attend a Piano Pedagogy Workshop in at Bowling Green State University in June. Randall Faber was the featured speaker the first day.

I thought the talk he gave about student motivation was particularly interesting. With the help of video clips (much like the ones posted on the website every week) and his own research, he showed how young students (age 4-6) are motivated by FUN, elementary students (age 7-11) are motivated by SUCCESS (reinforced by praise from teachers, parents, and peers), and older students (teenage) are motivated by the IDENTITY that they find for themselves as pianists (reinfored by success and love of music).

#26275 - 08/25/06 09:26 AM Re: Randall Faber Workshop
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There were many things I liked. One that can be easily used is his "Stone on the Mountain" rhyme to get and keep the correct, rounded hand position. You can find this in their new book for 5-6 year olds.

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