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#26142 - 04/01/03 02:41 PM Three siblings
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I will soon be taking on 3 new students that are siblings. I've decided to put the two older ones in the accelerated PA and the youngest (6 or 7) in the "regular" PA. I'm trying to figure out a way so that the older siblings can share books yet each have a piece or two different from the same book so no competition is on the line.

The childrens' mother told me that one of the boys isn't quite sure about playing the piano for an instrument, so that indicated to me that I need to try to find something supplementary for him that his other brother won't be learning. I want to try and capture his fancy from the first couple of lessons (if possible) and let him see that piano isn't just for girls and there is fun in learning. Of course, I want the same for the other siblings, but this particular kid I want to really reach. Any suggestions? What do you teachers do if you have beginner siblings in the same books?

Also, I was wondering if performance book is really necessary right off from the first lesson, or if I can just begin teaching with the 3 core books - lesson, theory, and t & a? I could probably answer my own question, but just thought I'd throw that thought out any way.
It goes without saying that technical proficiency should be the first acquisition of a student who would be a fine pianist.

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I don't think the Performance book is necessary, but I've noticed that some of my students' favorite pieces have come from the performance books.

What I do with my students (siblings or otherwise) is at the first lesson, I ask them what kind of music they like - classical, jazz, blues, country, hymns, etc. and write it on the back of their registration card. Then, when I place a Faber order I use my 40% off to purchase supplementary books for those different styles. I guess the only problem would be if both boys only like one style of music - then they could work on different pieces out of the same book.

Another thing that I am planning on doing with siblings, is buying some of the equal part duet books, and letting them work on a couple together - that way they're working on two different parts, but still the same piece.


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