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#26114 - 08/12/04 06:57 PM Which method to what level in another method
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Everything I know about methods is on experience and having many transfer students over the years as well as going through different things in different methods before I finally gelled what I use together in the last six years which has stuck and works.

Since alot of posts in here get asked about what level for students from other methods here is how I level them and it works out just fine.

Faber method used
coming from John Thompson OR Michael Aaron prmer, use faber level 1
coming from John Thompson OR Michael Aaron level 1 use Faber level 2
coming from Thompson OR Aaron level 2 use Faber level 3B
coming from Thompson OR Aaron level 3 use Faber level 4
coming from Thompson or Aaron level 4 or 5 you need to go method shopping.
Faber level 5 look for level 5 transitional material, such as level 4 and level 5 Masterworks books and then go to Michael Aaron book 4 after that

Alfred or Bastien Methods used - I find making them do the same level over to fill in the gaps and get them into non positional playing to actual thinking and a better theory base is best. If they need a different level I have always put them in the Faber level that is a level behind where they are. (A or B level 2 does a Faber level 1 and if in level 3 a 2B). I find the reason being is students coming in from these methods don't know as much theory or playing skills knowledge as they seem to. The biggest pain is explaining this to parents who think their child is much farther along than they are. Most of my experience shows students coming from Alfred and Bastien lesson methods don't sight read well, have no idea on main theory concepts and have problems reading key signature for position (unless someone prints the position on the page for them which I do not do.)

J W Schaum Method used
JWS primer (Pre A) use primer Faber
JWS A Book (level 1) use Faber 1/2A
JWS B Book (Level 2) use Faber 2B/3A
JWS C Book (Level 3) use Faber 3B
JWS D Book (level 4) use Faber 3B/4
JWS E Book (level 5) use Faber 4
JWS F Book (level 6) use Faber book 5
JWS G, H, H1, H2 books you will need to switch to something like Masterworks or try Schrimer publications.

Know this is long but thought I would share what has worked for me over the years and maybe help others out with a conversion chart of levels and methods.

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#26115 - 08/13/04 09:20 AM Re: Which method to what level in another method
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Thanks for sharing this info. Transfer students come from a variety of methods, many of which I am unfamiliar. This is helpful.

#26116 - 08/22/04 10:43 AM Re: Which method to what level in another method
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HL to Faber conversions

HL Bk 1 = Faber primer
HL bk 2 = fjh book 1
HL Bk 3 = fjh book 2a-2b
HL bk 4 = fjh bk4

The major skip is in HL book 3 to 4. they suggest suplemental materials and lots of them. My students usually go from HL book 2 to fjh 2a and then start the classics in book 3a. so i generally won't worry about transfers after that level.
Celebration series to FJh piano lit.
Celebration book one is = to fjh lit books 1 & 2.


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