I just received the Dec./Jan. issue of American Music Teacher magazine. On p. 78, there is a review of The Piano Masters Series by Warner Bros. What interests me is the last paragraph, where the reviewer compares this set of books to the Kjos Master Composer Collection and to the FJH Original Keyboard Classics series:

"What this series lacks is the companion recordings that Kjos & Academy Records provide in their Master Composer Collection. The pricing of the books is similar; the choice is between Tucker's editing and Keith Snell's. Comparing the Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook in the Warner Bros. series with that same title in FJH's Original Keyboard Classics series, I find more editorial text and visual aids between the covers of the FJH book. The latter includes, for the same price, Helpful Hints for Teachers, an engraving of the Bach family and explanatory material about the baroque period, the Notebook itself and baroque performance practices. But the Warner Bros. book does have the written-out ornaments many students rely on and the Praeludium in C major (BWV 846) as a bonus."

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