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#22651 - 11/13/04 08:12 AM Let's have some humor
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Ok, I was a little bored and browsing the archives when I found the "humor" thread. I laughed so hard I thought we need a little more humor now. start....I'm interested in knowing how you all act when it's just you and your student and you begin to smell something (which we all know what it is and know it isn't us). Sometimes it's rather hard to not crack a smile or run puking out of the room. I have actually had a student who was responsible for this smell and also the noise that accompanied it! He looked at me rather embaressed and I know, I know, I know - it's just a normal body function but Please!!!!! was that a necessary part of nature to have such an obnoxious odor???????? Any comments??

#22652 - 11/13/04 09:59 AM Re: Let's have some humor
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\:D I teach in a tiny-and I mean tiny-room at the music store so it is easy to get "overwhelmed" by the slightest-er-problem. I have a small fan that runs not-stop all year around in there and that helps a little and then sometimes I just have to open the door!
Another funny thing that happens is the squeaky tennis shoes when it rains. Every time they pedal, it is squeak-squeak. I guess it would solve the problem by removing the shoes, but....we make a joke of it.

#22653 - 11/13/04 02:42 PM Re: Let's have some humor
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I have a student (14 yr. old boy) who's right ankle pops quite often when he pedals. He loves to play soft, soothing, "romantic" pieces. It's always cracks us up when he's playing very softly and dramatically and his ankle is popping away.

(don't worry he's been seen by a doctor and has be attributed to growing or something like that...)

#22654 - 11/15/04 12:00 PM Re: Let's have some humor
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Before I moved to my current home, I had taught this boy for 3 years. He has always had a gas problem! I never have heard any embarrasing sounds come from him, so I think that the silent ones are the most deadly! At first I was teaching in a practice room at the university-which was of course unbearable. I taught there for a year, then was able to move my studio to my house. It was then that my husband finally believed me-that this kid had the most awful smell--every week. (It got so bad that I thought about privatly telling his mom who was a nurse about it so that she could give him some other foods to eat) I never did though! Fun times!

#22655 - 11/15/04 12:36 PM Re: Let's have some humor
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I don't have a problem about students with gas, because anyone compared to my DH just doesn't cut it... ;\) anyhow, I DO have a student who likes to blow spit bubbles (she's 5). I find it SOOOOOO disgusting!!!!! I sweetly yet firmly suggested that she not do it at my house anymore. I could just see it splatting on my piano keys...
"Laughter is the shortest distance between two friends" - Victor Borge

#22656 - 11/15/04 01:07 PM Re: Let's have some humor
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I had some students who sucked their fingers, then started to touch my piano. I started making them wash their hands before lessons, and again every time they put their fingers in their mouths. It was the only way I could deal with it.

As for obnoxious smells, one school teacher I know sprays her classroom with cinnamon spray every time such smells occur.

#22657 - 11/15/04 08:02 PM Re: Let's have some humor
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I have never had a student make any "harmonious noises" so to speak during lesson, but I did have a student fall off the bench once during a duet. She had slid up to reach the upper octave of keys and away she went. We still laugh about it

Besides piano I also teach violin and have cats. I had a stuent warming up with their scales and one of my cats came in, jumped on top of my piano and proceeded to bat the tip of the bow when it moved its direction. It was funny to watch. We had to stop so we could laugh,remove kitty and continue.

#22658 - 11/16/04 04:53 AM Re: Let's have some humor
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OK, this isn't a piano-related story, but it still makes me laugh!

Last week while having my hair cut, I noticed my stylist was wearing a lovely perfume. I asked her what it was.

It took her about a minute of trying to think of the name. Her response:

"Oh, I know what it is! It's called "Memorable."

#22659 - 11/16/04 08:27 AM Re: Let's have some humor
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My piano teacher owned a Scottish terrior who would hop up on the piano bench, right next to me, and howl as I played. Sometimes he'd actually howl on pitch, LOL! \:\)


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