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#22633 - 11/17/04 08:42 AM Re: speaking of humour...
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Shannon, I have had that same scenerio with keyboards. The parents wouldn't get it fixed and wouldn't and wouldn't.....You'd think they would knowing they are spending money on lessons (or at least find something else). However, haven't we all had inquirers asking about piano lessons with no piano (of any kind)at home? They seem to have the idea that you don't practice between lessons???

#22634 - 11/17/04 11:18 AM Re: speaking of humour...
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It works well to ask where they will be practicing as there is no piano at home. I don't mind the students' STARTING on cheap keyboards... but they do have to have more than 61 keys. This gets them right away from wally world.. as most of those only have 61 keys. I suggest that the family keep an eye in the paper for an instrument that is less costly, Or renting.. You'd think that if you want a child to learn to play that child should have something to play on at home.
The joys of digital.. I have yet to have a student loose their piano when it's an old upright. And the whole keyboard won't break at the same time. unless there's a fire...
It can be fun to burn an old piano. The strings make a great place to burn hotdogs. Of course I won't suggest doing this to anything but those old pianos often found at church camps.

#22635 - 11/17/04 04:06 PM Re: speaking of humour...
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It can be fun to burn an old piano. .[/B]

My dh used to be a piano technician, and he told me that he'd heard of piano technician's conferences, or some kind of get-together, where they have fun destroying an old piano. I'm sure that must be fun after a frustrating time tuning one of those ancient uprights.

#22636 - 11/17/04 04:12 PM Re: speaking of humour...
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This thread is cracking me up. Keep the stories comin'! \:D

Does anyone remember the TV show Northern Exposure when they catapulted the old piano as part of a town activity? That was an all time favorite for us! \:D

#22637 - 11/17/04 04:36 PM Re: speaking of humour...
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HA HA HA :0)

I can think of a piano I used one summer at a camp that I would have liked to of catapulted away! Oh it was horrid- you would play the keys and they would either stick or the top ivory would fall off. At one point the soft pedal fell off. Thank God the camp let me go piano shopping before the kids arrived to replace it with something better.

#22638 - 11/17/04 06:53 PM Re: speaking of humour...
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One of my piano classes is a group of K-1st grade little girls. Since I use Yamaha digital pianos in my studio set-up (DGX-500's), I'm able to have the students play using a variety of sounds (like clarinet, strings, electric piano, harpsichord, trumpet, etc... At this week's lesson I introduced a Thanksgiving song I'd written many years ago called "Gobble, Gobble".

So I asked, "What kind of animal makes a 'gobble gobble' sound?"

They replied "A turkey!"

I then began to peruse in my head the different sounds on the digital piano that most closely resemble a turkey (I thought an 'oboe' would be great). So I said, "Mmmm... I wonder what sound would be good for a turkey..."

To which four girls replied in unison, "Gobble, gobble!" \:\)

#22639 - 11/18/04 11:48 AM Re: speaking of humour...
Jennifer Online   content
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Your stories of burning and dropping old piano's reminded me of a musical I saw last weekend. We went and saw Singin' in the Rain. One part he was standing and dancing right on top of the keys of the piano! (Yes, it was old...) But you should have seen me cringe.
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#22640 - 11/18/04 03:53 PM Re: speaking of humour...
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I do the same! I can't stand to see any piano-new or old-being trampled on, laid on, sat on, used as a catch-all for fancy flowers or just junk or similarly abused. But that is another topic.

#22641 - 11/19/04 05:22 AM Re: speaking of humour...
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This won't have you rolling in the aisles, but it made my family and me smile. Michael is 5 years old and the son of a philosopher. We were doing flashcards. Because it was a beautiful fall day with a nice warm breeze, we sat on the floor by the dining room door in my central city house. Michael said, "It sounds like a fox is rustling in the bushes." I said, "Well, I hear that sound, but I don't think there is a fox out there!" His reply: "I didn't say it WAS a fox. I said it SOUNDED like a fox." \:\) (We laughed together, but I still wasn't positive if he was just being poetic or worrying about a fox, so I assured him that if a fox came up on my porch, we would shut the door very fast!)

#22642 - 11/19/04 08:50 AM Re: speaking of humour...
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In reading I've had several stories come to mind. A few years ago, when a student I have was bit younger, I was asking him to locate
all the C's, G's etc. across the keyboard of the piano. I asked him to locate all the A's and he hesitated then lowered his head to the keyboard and started smelling the keys or so it appeared. I said, "Logan, I asked you to find all the A's for me please. I thought he was goofing off, you know. He said, "I AM, I am sniffing it out!"
Once I had an adult student who I KNEW was going to be tough. The first week I sent her home with some very basic beginner work and explained thoroughly what to do, how to practice etc. In fact we went over all that she was to practice...including hands on with me before she took it home. She was using an adult book and the first lessons were having the student play on black keys. She came back the very next week and proceeded to play somethng TOTALLY different than what we had practiced together or what was on the page. I let her finish and then tried very tactfully to point out her errors. She then said to me with total amazement...."You mean when it says to play on the black keys, I'm supposed to play the black keys?" AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can laugh now but that day I thought OH MY GOSH! THIS SHOULD BE FUN! She lasted a few weeks.
I have a little Down's Syndrome student and earlier on in her piano carreer she explained to me that the staff was the grapevine and the notes were the grapes! She was very adamant about it! She has said many things that have had both her mother and me wanting to die with laughter. She is very funny and a fun student!
Well...I have two funny stories about my own playing...things that have happened in a performance setting. One year, at Easter, it was decided that the piano would be taken outside and we'd have an early sunrise service on the grounds. It was wheeled onto a sidewalk just outside the door. I was playing (and freezing) when the piano ROLLED AWAY FROM ME headed down the sidewalk!!! It didn't go too far and I just quickly scooted my bench up a foot or two, to catch up to it and came back in best I could and kept going. AUGH!!!!!!!!!! Another pianist in the church who observed the whole thing just roared with laughter..glad it wasn't her. Another time I was playing for a school Christmas program and during the musical a blower came on above me and blew my music off the piano. It landed behind me in a row of people. I tied to keep playing and to this day have no idea what I played but someone kindly picked it up and placed it on the piano for me but when I looked it was upside down! I quickly turned it and tried to find where the director and kids were. Later the director told me that she had NO IDEA any of that had happened. I can only say that at times like that God steps in and plays the music for us until we get it back together. Since then I have always had my music securely in a binder. I NEVER ever go to an outdoor gig on solo piano or with our band without clothes pins or some such easy clip. A breeze will get you everytime!
One last story...a friend recently told me that a student wasn't practicing and when she inquired again about his lack of practice he told her that he couldn't find his keyboard. It was lost! He had no idea where it went and I guess the parents didn't tell him. The hunch is that the older brother sold it in Mexico! The family had gone there. WHATEVER! Think of the book we could write if we put all of our stories together.
Have a nice day!

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