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#22455 - 05/01/01 12:09 PM Re: Musical Jokes
Janice Offline
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Love it! \:D

#22456 - 05/01/01 12:49 PM Re: Musical Jokes
kathy Offline
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\:D \:D \:D \:D
Maybe we piano teachers sometimes live too dull a life--but these were cracking me up! I'm glad someone posted about the piano and the mine shaft, because I was going nuts trying to remember that one! I also like Opper-Knockity!! \:D \:D \:D \:D kathy
PS Carole, I'm curious, when will you have the students tell these jokes. Individually, right before each student plays, or what? (I may steal your idea in the future!) Best wishes at your recital!!!!

#22457 - 05/01/01 01:28 PM Re: Musical Jokes
Carole Offline
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Oh, these are TERRIFIC! Keep 'em comin'! Thanks, Kathy. I think I will have them each tell theirs when it's their turn to play. First,they'll go to the microphone, tell the joke and then, as they are going to the piano, I will give my little talk about them. So far, only one has said they didn't want to do it and that was a teenager. Of course, they don't have to. It's all in the spirit of fun and to lighten the nerves. The whole idea my fall flat. After all, most of these require a little knowledge of music and composers. Some people may not get it, but hopefully they will laugh anyway! ;\) I was thinking too, in the program, I may have a little matching quiz-draw a line from a famous work to its composer. My son says that will clutter it up and look stupid. Maybe he's right, but I thought while they are all sitting there waiting to start, it would be something to do.

#22458 - 05/01/01 01:42 PM Re: Musical Jokes
sdps Offline
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A word search might be more "do-able" for the typical non-musician.

#22459 - 05/01/01 07:02 PM Re: Musical Jokes
Jason Offline
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Q: How do you know if a drummer is at your door?

A: The knocking speeds up

Q: How do you know if a soprano is at your door?

A: She can't find the key and doesn't know when to come in.

Q: How can you tell if the stage is level?

A: The violists drool out of both sides of their mouths.

(I know LOTS of viola jokes - my girlfriend is a violist.)

Q: Why did Mussorgsky throw away the drafts of his first three operas?

A: Because they weren't "Godunov!"

(An original joke made up by my roommate at Aspen - Brian Stanley - he made me promise to give him credit whenever I used it.)
"If we continually try to force a child to do what he is afraid to do, he will become more timid, and will use his brains and energy, not to explore the unknown, but to find ways to avoid the pressures we put on him." (John Holt)

#22460 - 05/13/01 04:35 PM Re: Musical Jokes
OKMusician Offline
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Okay, who wants to 'fess up to trying to build their studio with deceptive means??? \:D I must admit, it's a method of advertising I never considered!!

#22461 - 05/13/01 05:50 PM Re: Musical Jokes
Anna Cruces Offline
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Three composers whose names you can teach your dog:
1. Bach
2. Orff
3. Bartok

#22462 - 05/13/01 06:59 PM Re: Musical Jokes
Carole Offline
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Great jokes! OK Musician, you should send that one to Jay Leno. He has a segment (if you don't watch him) on funny ads and so on. I like the dog joke too. I'll file these away for next year.

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