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#22439 - 03/15/01 02:50 PM Excuses,excuses
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I just received a few "reasons for not practicing" from some teachers, and thought it might be fun to compile a few stories. Anyone have any interesting excuses for not practicing or showing up for lessons? (hopefully from your students and not ones that you yourself have used )

#22440 - 03/15/01 03:42 PM Re: Excuses,excuses
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Very apropos - one morning recently student after student gave me excuses. After the second one who used almost the same words I had just heard, I grabbed a sheet of paper - all in fun - and wrote down the excuse, plus the earlier one. I accumulated several more and listed them - a sort of Top Ten Excuses list and posted it prominently on my piano, adding to it each time I got a new excuse. Guess what? I have not heard one single excuse since.

Oops, I forgot the excuses - the usual, plus this original one:

My house guest was using my piano.

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#22441 - 03/15/01 05:46 PM Re: Excuses,excuses
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#22442 - 03/15/01 07:39 PM Re: Excuses,excuses
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My personal all-time favorite was from a boy who had spent a week at church camp, and (bless his heart) he took his books with him to practice on the piano in the lodge. While at camp that week, there was a lice epidemic, and the camp's instructions to the mother was to take every single item the boy had taken to the camp, put them inside tightly-closed plastic garbage bags, and leave them for a month to kill all the lice and eggs. So the boy came to lessons with no books and having not practiced, but he was forgiven!

#22443 - 03/15/01 10:07 PM Re: Excuses,excuses
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I have a few students who, like me, have good intentions but when the opportunity to practice comes around they do other things (like get on the web and read the Piano Club...oh, wait, that's me). So, for these I do "Ivory Alibis" (I have a poster with the same title on the board with funny excuses) where we write down, at the bottom of the assignment for that week, the best excuse they had for not practicing at some point during the's all good fun and it's great when we get to write "Didn't need an excuse."

Josh, perfect practice makes perfect, Allen

#22444 - 03/16/01 03:14 PM Re: Excuses,excuses
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Last year I had a little 7 yr old, cute thing but quite irritating. Her weekly excuse was, "My father doesn't let me practice. He says I'm not good enough, like your sister." Her sister took lessons with another teacher. After a few weeks a wrote a note to the parents with this excuse in quotes, the mother called me (she was quite special also :rolleyes we discussed this and I no longer heard this excuse. Needless to say I do not have her this year.

Lately, it seems I have been hit with an epidemic of students' having family probrlems. A couple of my students who are not progressing as well as they should have had a talking to from me in front of the mothers. They told me that they been having some family problems and that the students' minds are not fully focused. One family, is marriage problems, the other father moved out years ago but comes in the picture from time to time, not very reliable, but dog died and student took it very hard.

I am not belittling any of these problems. I see, not from personal experience, but with friends and family, what a family break up can do. But I believe children still need structure and need these activities (such as piano playing) to build their confidence, esteem, etc... I tell the mothers and students that the piano is a great place to let out steam and feelings of sadness, anger, whatever. Am I being really harsh?

Don't get me wrong I show a lot of compassion and I am very understanding with these students. They still need to practice. Ok I'm ready to get bashed.


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