If anyone is interested in listening to some of this music, here are a few websites you can go to:

Nobuo Uematsu Pull down the download menu, click on Music and go to either

*mp3 (which has an arrangement called "A Journey Throught Final Fantasy VIII")

*FF Piano Arrangement (which has several piano arrangements- the music in the books are easier arrangements than these)

*midis (which has most of the music from the games).

midi's of all VIII songs This one has all the songs as midi's. I don't really like the sound of these midi's, but they at least let you hear the songs. Be sure to check out the Chocobo songs (just pretend you are listening to a piano)!

My student's favorites are:

from Disk 1: The Winner, Breezy, Shuffle or Boogie, Waltz for the Moon, Julia, Timber Owls

from Disk 2: My Mind, Memories, Ami

from Disk 3: Fisherman's Horizon, Odeka de Chocobo, Slide Show 1 and 2 (for some reason 2 has a really annoying noise in it, but just listen to the piano part), Love Grows, The Balamb Fish, Eyes on Me

from Disk 4: Mods de Chocobo, Overture

FF X midi's My personal favorite is To Zanarkand, there are other good ones, but I don't know the titles of them (my book is written in Japanese) so I'd have to go through and listen to each one to find out. So I'll let you pick and choose.

Have fun listening!