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#22140 - 06/13/02 12:19 PM Re: Pathetique Sonata (Beethoven)
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If we're talking about the same piece, my edition (Wiener Urtext) shows the passage in question in 8th notes. It is that right hand alone descending. You won't accent, just pulse. Okay, it isn't even every measure. At the start with the third in the right hand and the octave in the left. That's your first pulse. Your second pulse is the A-flat in the third measure. Your third pulse on the A-flat of the fifth measure; third pulse the A-flat in the 7th measure; fourth pulse the B-natural in the 8th measure. Those are your phrases. And hit that return to the main theme flying.

Watch out for tension in the right hand. Work on the forearm rotation (double and single rotations) on this passage. Be careful of the claw hand. The passage should be light and fast.

Also, because I've taken the time to develop an effortless technique, I mark in my books performance appearance queues. For example in the most difficult passages, I mark "lean back." It makes it look like the passage is easy for you. Also put a mirror, or have your teacher watch your facial expressions. Watch out for scowling during very beautiful sections. Your facial expressions should reflect the music.

Note on the flabby arms: I won't wear a gown or dress when I perform. I wear a plum long jacket Chanel knockoff pants suit, with a white blouse (collar over the lapels), and French cuffs (flipped over the jacket sleeves), and black flat Capezio jazz shoes. It presents a more commanding image.

#22141 - 08/08/02 09:02 PM Re: Pathetique Sonata (Beethoven)
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Well, I've had several lessons w/ my teacher, talked to other teachers before she got back, and we've worked on the wrist pain every lesson. The suggestions have been helpful - keep the thumb from bouncing off of the key, keep it light, accent pinky, see how much the upper arm is rotating, etc...

In discussing it with my mom, we're starting to think that it's not a Technique thing, but maybe something wtih my left wrist. (There are some RH tremolos, and they don't give me trouble.) anyway, we got a wrist brace today and that seemed to help - no pain, it just got tired... probably from the little bit of extra weight. It still allows full movement, so playing is not a problem - I may use it in recitals/competitions, but a lot of professional sports players have to wear knee braces and such when they play, so I don't think it is much of a problem.


#22142 - 08/15/02 03:54 PM Re: Pathetique Sonata (Beethoven)
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Originally posted by Miss Misti:
In discussing it with my mom, we're starting to think that it's not a Technique thing, but maybe something wtih my left wrist. (There are some RH tremolos, and they don't give me trouble.)

ack, I have trouble with my left wrist, too! :rolleyes: It's kind of like when I do r.h. octaves - they don't really give me trouble, but when it's the l.h.'s turn, ouch. Lately we're doing wrist exercises (Hanon) but my LH is stiff as a poker. Then the tension builds and pain creeps in. \:\( Don't know if I'd be straying off topic here, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep my left wrist loose and floppy?

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It goes without saying that technical proficiency should be the first acquisition of a student who would be a fine pianist.

#22143 - 08/15/02 06:55 PM Re: Pathetique Sonata (Beethoven)
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Pay attention to it while you're practicing. If a piece is so difficult that you can't give some attention to technical issues, then it's probably not a good piece to be working on.
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