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#21217 - 10/31/03 12:55 PM Re: Completely rhythmless
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Thanks, Jala. Actually, he is a very good note reader. He has always completed and retained each week's lessons, including consistent practice. We'll be working on rhythm with Christmas pieces that he loves, but we'll also be continuing with the PA1 Lesson, Tech.& Art, and Pop Rep w/Activities. He has also started his B maj scale. I will be using the additional pieces in his Christmas book for line-a-day sightreading. I believe what has happened with the rhythm issue, is that he has become too focused/nervous on the counting, and therefore it becomes unnatural and forced. Not at all what we're looking for. Just as we often assign a "counting piece" - one where they focus on that concept only, I'll be assigning Christmas pieces where we focus on the *feel*. We'll see how it goes. Until last night, I had thought I'd lose this student. He seemed bored. But in going through the Christmas pieces and rating them, he glowed and laughed. I think he's going to be ok.

#21218 - 11/01/03 11:48 AM Re: Completely rhythmless
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Getting nervous about anything, whether it's rhythm or technique or what have you, is certainly a recipe for disaster.

#21219 - 01/02/04 06:54 PM Re: Completely rhythmless
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Have you tried Guy Duckworth's Discovery Series? He has a unique way of introducing rhythm. A 15 year old would find it challenging.

#21220 - 01/09/04 02:39 PM Re: Completely rhythmless
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Thanks for the suggestion. Think I'll try it out because the poor girl totally messed up the rhythm of a great version of O Come All Ye Faithful at our Christmas recital and worse, messed up another girl in another simple duet. I could scream!

#21221 - 02/02/04 08:24 AM Re: Completely rhythmless
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Though I'd send an update on my rhythm-challenged student. We went back to beginning rhythm activities and it's working well - he's having fun. For some reason it didn't "take" the first time around. I've sent him home with a rhythm activity sheet - listen to CD's, create the big beats, then the small beats, then makes rhythms on both (use a heavy glass and small box; select one of my collection of batons, sing doo-wop, make silly steps or movements). It seems to be working. We're translating slowly to keyboard - listening, tapping, pulsing. Anyone else do this? And what have you tried if it didn't work? More of the same? or a different route?

#21222 - 02/02/04 09:02 AM Re: Completely rhythmless
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I just started using more hand percussion instruments - besides tamborine and maraccas. The Cabassa is my new favorite instrument! It works great with syncopation rhythms - tapping the top for first beat, and then swishing the stringed balls (swishing is not really very descriptive) for the eighth notes.

Just another way to get students to "feel" they rhythm. When it works - it works.

#21223 - 02/03/04 04:44 PM Re: Completely rhythmless
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I think your idea of having him listen to cd's is a great idea--I hope it works for him. I would be curious to find out if being self-conscious is a problem. I know that when I was a kid taking lessons I was very self-conscious, and often had rhythm problems. My teacher had me doing the usual things, marching, swinging my arm--but it never worked because I was way too self-conscious to relax and feel the beat that way. I think it would've worked at the time to do something like you've suggested. I have a student or two I should try it with too. Let me know how it works for you.

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