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#14626 - 09/03/04 10:48 PM Re: LAZY and UNMOTIVATED STUDENTS
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I have dealt with this too and found out from a few of the students that the daydreaming is kicking in for the 1st boyfriend....crazy as it sounds but true.
One student admitted to me that with a (sigh) that --- always seemed to call her at the time she would be practicing...she just couldn't (alas!) miss his phone call (cough cough)
If you talk to the parents about this then you alienate the student because sometimes this information is relayed and the parents have no clue what is going on!
I have basically discussed with the student that in order for me not to discuss this with the parent they are going to have to wise up and discipline themselves to either find a different practice time or have the beau call a different time!
Whichever it has to be -the situation has to change and that is that...

#14627 - 09/04/04 03:18 PM Re: LAZY and UNMOTIVATED STUDENTS
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I agree that not everyone at this age goes through this stage, but again, this is the time these students are going through many changes. However, all students, of course, handle the changes differently. Playsteinway, you said in your first post that this student wants to play the piano. Then later you said that her being able to pick the music has not helped. I'd be very interested to know why she wants to play the piano. I am only asking this because I think as teachers, we all go through this, and I am very curious what her response is. I once had a student who wanted to play duets with her friend. I promptly gave them both more duets to work on. That got her to practice. Keep us updated.

#14628 - 09/04/04 10:25 PM Re: LAZY and UNMOTIVATED STUDENTS
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Something I did'nt mention is that the mother of this student said that she is typically unmotivated to work on anything that requires any effort or otherwise.
I have been trying to find pieces she can handle that are interesting for her and letting her pick and choose which one to work on each time but like I said this has made no difference. I cringe at the thought of doing a level jury with this student (she won't pass it because the effort is'nt there) and doing recital with her in spring (again, no effort) because of the potential lack of practice and being the "bad" performance in the group.
I see her again on Wednesday and will try out some new structure and things then. It may mean me telling her she is on probation and getting mom clued in on what is happening.

#14629 - 09/07/04 11:02 AM Re: LAZY and UNMOTIVATED STUDENTS
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Hmmmm I've dealt with this too. If the student has a problem with note reading, etc. you generally already know that. Unfortunately there are a lot of students who only take because they're "forced" to. I dislike these kinds of students the most. In the past, I've called the parent and explained it's really a waste for their money and my worked for awhile but the student went right back to not practicing. I'd rather fill that slot with someone who really wants it. Try for awhile....then let them go. Not worth it. I agree with "you can't motivate the unmotivated" for the most part.

#14630 - 09/07/04 11:59 AM Re: LAZY and UNMOTIVATED STUDENTS
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This discussion reminds me so much of a former student of my dh's, years ago when he was teaching. She was a teenager who was being forced to take lessons. She never practiced and had a bad attitude, but was very intelligent. Finally he let her go--and she was thrilled, acting like she had won the battle. I've always wondered how she turned out--if she ever grew up.

#14631 - 09/08/04 03:47 PM Re: LAZY and UNMOTIVATED STUDENTS
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Well, I got through to my lazy girl about practice.
I talked about the situation with mom who got on board with the idea of having her do it IMMEDIATELY when she gets home from school for starters. I also let the kids know on my 200 Well (200 songs by the end of the year learned well and they get a party) incentive that if they don't put their part of the effort in they will not get an invitation to the party at the end of the year for the incentive. (I keep a list of names and the pieces they have done for this in a separate notebook as done so I can keep track). I explained to them it isn't fair to those putting the effort in to have those who don't ride in on their coat tails.
They totally got it and it totally rejuvinated alot of effort all around- even in kids who did'nt need the effort boost!!

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