There was never 'rolling in the aisles' at my church either, but Boy! they were strict about stuff when it came to the youth. For example, every summer we'd go to a church camp located somewhere around San Antonio/New Braunfels in central Texas. Girls slept in dorms (no air conditioning), guys 6 to a cabin (I mean, chicken coop). Of course, the coops were several hundred yards away from the dorms. The swimming pool was 50 ft. away from the dorms, yet we girls had to be fully-clothed when walking to the pool, which was surrounded by a 6 ft. high fence (I think the year I started going to camp was the first year they allowed guys and girls to even swim together!). Anyhow, during the day no one was allowed to wear shorts for all the activities/sports, and jeans in July/August, when it's 98 degrees w/100% humidity is no fun. Every night we'd have an evening service and the girls had to wear dresses (which back then included high heels or other tall shoes). This was horrible when walking down the rocky terrain from our dorm to the ampitheater. Musical entertainment (for us teens) usually consisted of some Southern Gospel-like trio. When I moved to California I couldn't believe the difference. The entertainment at Youth Conventions was "Crumbacher" and "Steve Taylor"; a welcome change!

Ahh... the memories. Sorry to digress.