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#14111 - 10/02/00 09:09 AM Re: Christmas/Holiday music
Katrina Offline
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I have a recital planned for Dec. 1. My students are going to start on their Christmas numbers soon. Kids are funny about Christmas music. They'll work on it in July if you let them!

#14112 - 10/08/00 02:19 PM Re: Christmas/Holiday music
Michele Offline
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Help, I'm looking for a nice arrangement of "O Holy Night" at a mid-intermediate level. I have one arrangement that sounds like it should be used at a skating rink and two others that just sound too empty (BTW this is for a very picky student). Any help will be greatly appreciated. I don't have enough time to add stuff to the ones I have, and it would be great to just tell my student what to go buy.

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#14113 - 10/08/00 02:39 PM Re: Christmas/Holiday music
Marcia Vahl Offline
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Check the book "Christmas with Style" by Randall Hartsell. (Nice arrangement, 2 "verses" with a neat key change in the middle.)

#14114 - 10/12/00 08:53 AM Re: Christmas/Holiday music
kathy Offline
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Did any of you sign up for the Alfred new music club? I signed up only to receive the Christmas shipment, and I thought the form said it would come in September, but I am still waiting. Have any of you received the Christmas shipment? This won't leave me much time to familiarize myself with the music, make decisions, and get everything ordered for the beginning of November!

#14115 - 10/17/00 02:31 PM Re: Christmas/Holiday music
bethann Offline
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Is anyone very familiar with the PA Christmas books? I have two students who started the primer in September and am wondering if there is any Christmas music available for them to play.

#14116 - 10/17/00 05:24 PM Re: Christmas/Holiday music
Lisa Kalmar Offline
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THere're three books you can choose from: a Pre-Reading Christmas, the PA Primer, and the Primer level of the regular Faber Xmas series. THe Pre-reading book has the little letters in the noteheads, with some staff reading towards the end. The PA Primer pretty much matches the rest of the series and has "stocking stuffers" designed to trick them into sightreading every day, plus a couple of other cute ideas. The Primer regular Xmas book has the standards. Did you get the Faber Xmas catalog that came last week? I think there are pics and things from each book in there!

#14117 - 12/06/00 10:10 AM Re: Christmas/Holiday music
Carole Offline
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Just wanted to do an update and find out how everyone's holiday music is going? I have most of my students in Christmas Faber books this year and they have been terrific! We love the arrangements. I found a Hannukah book for two siblings and they have enjoyed that (Hal Leonard book). My contest for who can learn the most songs for the holidays is going well. I have a few who weren't motivated by it (but they aren't motivated by anything), but the majority are working hard and the total so far I think is 10. The one who learned 10 is a 7th grader and her songs were not easy so I'm especially proud of her. She is going to record them for her away family. Next weekend is a group class where we'll play our songs and also have a store recital on Sunday. It will be a long one with all instruments playing. What about you all????

#14118 - 12/06/00 11:21 AM Re: Christmas/Holiday music
Jalapeņo Offline
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All of my students were anxious to get to work on some Christmas songs, so we're not working out of the reg. method books this month but are instead devoting all our time and energy to holiday music.

All of my students come from Christian families. One 9-year-old boy wants to learn "We Three Kings," so I was thrilled that this song is in one of the Faber PA primer-level Christmas books. A 6-year-old girl has her heart set on learning "Away in a Manger." Her mother brought a book (not Faber) that her older brother used several years back. I'm not too wild about the book because there are finger #'s above every single note (red for RH; green for LH); however, since this child just started taking lessons 2 months ago & has not gotten to staff reading yet, I've decided just to teach her a few carols using the finger #'s, just so she'll have something to play during the holiday season. She also wants to learn "Jingle Bells," and this book has the eighth-note rhythm written in, so I'm using the blue jello counting method (from the Music Mind Games bk.) to get her to play correctly.

My 9-year-old daughter learned all the songs in the Faber PA2B Christmas bk. by herself w/o any difficulties, so she's now working on some songs in the Faber PA3A bk. She enjoys a challenge, so I'm letting her see if she can do it. I'll help her if she asks, though. I'm really proud of her progress. Arlene, you can ignore my posts about my daughter if you wish. I can't help but brag from time to time.

I'm really thrilled at how motivated my students are, now that I've switched everybody over to PA!

#14119 - 12/06/00 07:07 PM Re: Christmas/Holiday music
bethann Offline
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I too am enjoying listening to my students playing Christmas music. While I LOVE the PA Christmas primer, I have a couple of early beginners in the Alfred Pre-Reading Christmas Activity Book. The songs are pretty simple for them, but the activities give them a chance to think and they love coloring the pictures.

Also, I have a teenager using the Alfred Adult Top Hits Christmas book (she especially loves playing "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" - can't stand it myself!)

Another student is working out of a Christmas duet book, I believe edited by Denis Alexander, and we are having so much fun playing duets together! Anyone else having great success with different Christmas books? (Already planning for next year!)

#14120 - 12/07/00 07:35 AM Re: Christmas/Holiday music
Rhapsody Offline
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Does anyone know of a lively, but easy, arrangement of the old traditional English carol "Christmas is Coming" (Late Elementary)? There's a rollicking version in "The Christmas Pianist" software, but it is too difficult. Either a sheet or in a collection -- maybe even a 1P/4H or 2P/4h duet?

(I also posted this under "Adult Piano Study: Ideas for Christmas Music" because I went to that topic first. Should I delete one of my posts and, if so, which one? Thanks.)
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