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#14070 - 10/21/00 12:57 PM Re: A question for the teachers out there
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I was so glad to hear that Peter was practicing more. It sounds like a combination of you and his Mom getting off his back about it AND giving him some "cool" supplemental music. I like Mary's Pink Panther suggestion. There are also some great arrangements of Beatles tunes by Phillip Keveren, published by Hal Leonard. For more info on this, read the thread on "Pop Arrangements" under "Teaching Issues."
It's been about a month since you posted about Peter doing so he still committed and practicing, or is the interest and committment beginning to wane?

#14071 - 10/23/00 07:47 AM Re: A question for the teachers out there
Dan Saydak Offline
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Eric, Peter's doing great so far this year. If he has a day where he only puts in 20 or 25 min. of practice, we don't have a cow about it anymore because more than likely he'll put in 40-45 min the next day, sightreading the Star Trek voyager theme or similiar music. I'm greatly encouraged this year! Our teacher recognizes how important the right music choices are as motivators and he strikes a nice balance between exam rep. and fun , challenging stuff. We've determined that with peter ( Hell be 13 next month) the music that motivates him the most is movie themes, esp. science fiction, as well as others like mission impossible ( he played in in a school talent show) and the pink panther, which he learned last year. He enjoys modern pieces if they are highly dissonant and dramatic, and he also enjoys what he calls "mysterious" sounding music. So my challenge , and his teacher's challenge , is to provide music that motivates. I've also noticed that he likes music if the look of the book is "cool" but he's highly sensitive to anything that looks childish or too cute: this can be very frustrating! In addition, after one year of blowing half notes in junior high band ( bass clarinet) we let him drop out of band, since he told us he DID NOT want to practice daily on TWO instuments ( cuts into computer and nintendo time, don't you know! ) and the lack of challenge in bass clarinet, as well as frustration with the rest of the band ( mostly beginners) was killing him. He assured us he would focus on piano if we let him drop out of band, and so far he's done just that.

#14072 - 10/23/00 04:51 PM Re: A question for the teachers out there
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That's great, Dan! And there are teachers that say music doesn't motivate.

FYI: I have a beginning student (barely 6 years old) who practiced her Piano Adventures primer pieces ('til perfect, without having to review) just so she could get to play "Old MacDonald" along with the lesson book accompaniment CD. She was so excited this week when she finally got to that piece. Her mother says she just love piano lessons. I wonder why...

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