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#14035 - 04/14/00 07:56 AM Discouragement
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As an adult piano beginner, finding practice time can be a real challenge.So last night, after we finally got the kids to bed and the lunches were made and the dishes cleaned up etc etc, I finally slumped down at the piano, started playing a brutally difficult piece I'm working on, and got incredibly discouraged and quit
My problem is, I get a bit compulsive about practicing ( like I used to be about running) and find it VERY difficult to give myself a night or two off without feeling guilty or crummy about it. Does anybody else struggle with this kind of thing? Part of it is a desire to excell( NOW) and a desire to not dissapoint my teacher, with the result that i find it hard to "cut myself some slack".

#14036 - 06/07/00 07:07 PM Re: Discouragement
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It's funny....though I'm always preaching to my students about the importance of DAILY practice, I find I don't practice what I preach! Some days just don't afford me the time, or I'm just plain not in the mood. I say don't feel bad if you miss a day here and there, as long as when you DO get to the piano, you're focused and ready to give 100%. Also, the scenario you mentioned had you practicing after the kids were in bed. Maybe you're more of a morning-practicer. Give yourself ten or fifteen minutes before work to have a trial practice session. If you like practicing at that hour, increase the time. But be careful, Mr. Compulsive, not to over-do!

#14037 - 06/08/00 10:08 PM Re: Discouragement
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Don't feel bad, Dan. It happens to everyone. I've been in a practice slump for *weeks* now. I also am into advanced step aerobics and weight lifting and have been a slug for a couple of weeks. Hmmmmm......I wonder if there's a pattern emerging! My life has felt a little out of control lately and that's what seems to have taken a slide.

Maybe we both need to play "slice the salami." By that, I mean break our goal(s) into small measurable "slices" that we can be successful at instead of trying to deal with a disgusting huge chunk of it. Tomorrow I think I'll try to break a practice assignment down into manageable pieces and just try to get one accomplished to consider myself a success!


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