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#13669 - 07/22/06 02:47 PM What is up with the weather?
Carole Offline
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Loc: southern California
Folks, today is 113 degrees and it is almost 6 p.m. I have never had to endure such heat. Plus our a/c broke almost 3 weeks ago and a new one is to arrive Monday! Is it this bad where you live? (I know the whole U.S. has been broiling).

#13670 - 07/22/06 04:49 PM Re: What is up with the weather?
Ginger Offline
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It has been hot here in Indiana for a couple of weeks. Hot and Humid. Maybe the highs have been around 95 and humidity around 70 or 80 percent Today I think that the high was 80 degrees with the humidity around 20 percent, it felt almost cold. We've been going swimming almost everyday lately, but today we talked ourselves out of going swimming because it felt almost chilly!

#13671 - 07/22/06 05:08 PM Re: What is up with the weather?
MusicalNotesStudio Offline
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I'm in western Washington and its been in the 3 digits for a couple days now. Usually we may have one day in the 3 digits but not 3!!! Fortunately I have a heat pump (air conditioning). My daughter is in Europe and she says it is very hot there too.

#13672 - 07/22/06 08:08 PM Re: What is up with the weather?
D'Net Offline
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Yup! A lovely 115 today and 118 the two days before that. Sweltering hot, but at least here in Phoenix AZ there is no shoveling snow in the winter! \:D

#13673 - 07/23/06 05:32 AM Re: What is up with the weather?
xstitch4me Offline
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Boise - triple digits too. Unheard of. Usually we may get a couple of those in's so darn hard to keep your grass green. If this is going to be the trend, I'm changing to a rock garden instead of grass!!

If you ask me, it's the end of the world...we're all going to burn up ;\) :p

#13674 - 07/23/06 12:16 PM Re: What is up with the weather?
alidoremi Offline
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It's 106 today. We usually expect triple digits for most of August and beginning of September, but the triple digits started for us late June. It is a dry heat, for the most part; WAY different from what I remember growing up in Houston (with 95 degrees and 100% humidity!). I'll take 106 anyday compared to that!

The humidity is what kills ya'. I remember in Houston we'd have to keep the AC on 72 degrees just to get the 'wet' out of the air. You'd take a shower, go get your newspaper in the yard, and you're sweating again. Ugh. Here in California we're comfortable with the AC on 80.

#13675 - 07/23/06 12:54 PM Re: What is up with the weather?
John Offline
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Uh, has anyone seen AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH yet?

#13676 - 07/23/06 02:46 PM Re: What is up with the weather?
alidoremi Offline
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Loc: California
Is that the Algore movie?? I'll pass on that one. \:o

#13677 - 07/23/06 04:12 PM Re: What is up with the weather?
Manon Troppo Offline
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Yep, I've been hearing about the Climate Crisis stuff on independent media. Very eye-opening (and ear-opening)! So I know how this global warming thing got started. It's just like everywhere in the world--crazy natural disasters, heatwaves (even France is going through them). For one thing, it's been INSANELY HOT here in SoCal Valley areas! Talk about HUNKA HUNKA BURNING OVEN! It's been 115-120 degrees here lately (PLUS humidity!!) Even at 1:30 AM, the temperature only drops by a few degrees!!! What stinks is that I can't turn on the home AC at all times because of the skyrocketing utility prices. I normally can't stand the Chilly Willy AC in grocery stores, but it's been so hot that I actually enjoy being a human Popsicle there! LOL! I wanted to go to the beach yesterday to cool off, but I was just too lazy to drive. (And ugh, the extra $$$ for gas--AC siphons gas!) The heat was just unbearable!
If noise means uncomfortable sound, then pop music is noise
to me. - Masami Akita (Merzbow)

#13678 - 07/23/06 04:15 PM Re: What is up with the weather?
Lisa Kalmar Offline
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Originally posted by alidoremi:
Is that the Algore movie?? I'll pass on that one. \:o
Why? An Inconvenient Truth is excellent and shares pertinent (yet sobering) facts about our earth and its environment in a very interesting and positive and, yes, entertaining way. The propoganda spread about it by the far right media is totally off base and I would encourage everyone over the age of 10 to see, no matter what their political affiliation is. It is very inspiring. One of my sons has an environmental science degree, so I have been aware of these issues for sometime, but FINALLY someone put the facts together into a comprehensive package that one can respond to in an adult fashion.

Tom Brokaw had a special on the Weather Channel last night that dealt with the same subject, but An Inconvenient Truth is something that should not be missed, in my opinion.

The best part is that EVERYONE can do really small things to make a HUGE difference for the planet, and we even have very quickly made some easy adaptations in our household in just the past few weeks. Or, I suppose, one could stick their head in the sand and let the planet further deteriorate and make life totally unsafe for our children in 50 years. Hmmm...what a choice!

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