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#12948 - 08/30/05 08:30 AM Re: Siblings in the same books
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Ok, I'll put my plug in again for the series that I have a set of, but haven't had the guts to try out since I really like PA & HL. Since I haven't used it, I can't say anything from experience. But, Noona Comprehensive seems to be pedagogically similar to PA, with a few differences (legato introduced too soon for me, mostly too positional before mid-level 1 etc., so you'd be past the things I haven't been totally convinced on.) Playing through the music, it sounds interesting and the series offers The Young PERFORMER (solos, concepts in action) PLAYING WITH SOUND (theory, ear training, creativity, notation), KEYBOARD SKILLS and LESSON book (I believe those are the names). I REALLY like their theory, and the introduction of key signatures. Those who use it around here swear by it. I have also read very positive remarks on it online. By level 1+ (their 3rd book) students have just been introduced to dotted quarters and 8th rests. 1+ level focuses on I & V7 harmonization in C,G,F, Feeling the pulse of dotted quarter/8th rest, Guideposts, downbeats, Transposition, "signs", pedals, phrasing, slurs and ties review, Major vs. minor, Inner Ledger, syncopation, & Octaves. It's about level 2A, though a few concepts would need to be taught (8th notes) It goes through I'd say about early to mid-2B level. Anyway, you might check it out.

#12949 - 09/04/05 07:50 PM Re: Siblings in the same books
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Right now, I'm using the Piano Discoveries as my first alternative to PA. If financial reasons necessitate keeping the siblings in the same books, then I give them different supplemental books and each one gets an additional technique book (except the very beginning student), such as Treasures in Technique or Masters in Technic. There is so much good stuff available that even with using the same method books, their practice times don't sound identical to their sibling's.

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