Christmas Pieces

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Christmas Pieces - 10/28/10 05:56 PM


I was just wondering if you knew of any advanced Christmas arrangements. I have to find my own piece for a recital and I live in a small town without a good music store. I'm a little scared to buy something online without being able to look at it first.

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Re: Christmas Pieces - 10/28/10 06:58 PM

Melody Bober has some nice new collections out. Very nice arrangements. Don't know the exact titles off hand...I'll try to find them for you and post the titles...
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Re: Christmas Pieces - 10/28/10 07:01 PM

David Lanz has some beautiful arrangements.....and Mannheim Steamroller but a couple of my favorites are "It's Christmas" by Dan Coates and "Great Piano Christmas Hits" by Dan Coates. Good luck - there are tons of things out there.
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Most of the links below will lead you to a preview of the actual music (all except Charlie Brown, I think).

I love the "Jingle Jazz" book arranged by Phillip Keveren. (I am currently reading through his "Celtic Christmas" book, but I don't like it as well, so far.) "A Charlie Brown Christmas" by Vince Guiraldi (Piano Solo) is fun too; that's from Hal Leonard. "A Christmas Fantasy" by Dennis Alexander has some excellent recital-appropritate arrangements. I have performed them at Christmas parties myself!

I have "Christmas Encores" vol 1 and 2 by Melody Bober. There are some nice arrangements in there, but to me they didn't *feel* advanced as the other books I mentioned.

Good luck!!!!!
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Christmas Solos for the Sanctuary by Glenda Austin has some very advanced arrangements, especially Go Tell It on the Mountain and What Child is This.

Published by Willis Music Company, distributed by Hal Leonard.
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Re: Christmas Pieces - 11/16/10 05:47 PM

Also, Eugenie Rocherolle and Philip Keveren have some advanced collections.
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Re: Christmas Pieces - 11/17/10 01:28 AM

Would you like some free pieces you can download? You can find nice Christmas pieces at "The Cold December" is light, bouncy and not a piece I've heard often. "Silent Night/Still, Still, Still" is an unusual weaving of the two pieces and very lovely.
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2 books I'm using this year:
Christmas at the Keyboard - Mark Hayes
Joy to the World - Lloyd Larson
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The Steinway Christmas book has some neat Jazzy songs(the harmonies are not what you'd expect). Phillip Keveren's Jingle Jazz is a keeper. He also has one out called Christmas Medley's which intertwines Christmas songs with Church songs.
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Re: Christmas Pieces - 11/17/10 07:50 PM

I have "Christmas Music for Advanced Piano" arranged by Charles Lindberg. It's mostly jazzy in style, and very challenging.
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Re: Christmas Pieces - 11/21/10 10:09 PM

I have a reasonably difficult arrangement of Jingle Bells:

Let me know if it is suitable!