Just for fun Method

Posted by: Cceal

Just for fun Method - 12/18/06 11:11 AM

I am building up my teaching career, but am struggling with the majority of my clients...Parents who want music lessons for their kids "just for fun."

I am looking for a method that will work for kids with basically no home practice. More of a club thing...with music appreciation, theory understanding, and pieces that they can learn basically by rote, and simple playing such as from a fake book.

It seems to me, that the trend is to enter your child in 101 different after-school activities, so they get a taste of things... but never progress. Although I would not do this for my kids... I am not out to change the population, but rather alter my services to meet their needs.
Does anyone have a suggestion?
Posted by: pianoplayinmonkey

Re: Just for fun Method - 12/18/06 02:36 PM

Well, I would hate to teach this way, but I have a friend that does this for her "just for fun" students. Get a digital keyboard with midi imput, and you will find music books with music written in the "big notes" you can purchase midi or cd's to go along with these books. The midi or cd will play and orchestral version of the songs in the "big note" books, and the student plays along with it. This particular teacher says that they really get a kick out of playing this way. I couldn't imagine teaching this way, but some people really want to pay for nothing. But that is my suggestion, if it is worth anything.
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Re: Just for fun Method - 12/18/06 04:48 PM

This part of the forum is specifically pre-college piano students. You may redirect your question under Repertoire or Teaching Issues.

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