Recital song?

Posted by: pianosruskid

Recital song? - 08/31/04 05:23 PM

My teacher wants me to pick a recital song. I want to play a song that sounds harder than it is. The recital is at the end of Dec. and I already have my Christmas song picked out but I need a regular song. I am in Piano Adventures 3A and will be in 3B soon. I am 9 years old. The song should be 4 pages (Piano Adventure pages) or less in length. Do you have any ideas?
Posted by: Arlene Steffen

Re: Recital song? - 09/01/04 08:52 AM


You might really like some of Robert Vandall's books. Check out Preludes Book 1 or Bagatelles Book 1 or 2. There is a variety of pieces in these books that would be right up your alley, I think. The Bagatelles tend to be shorter, so you might think about playing two of them as a set, but most of the preludes are longer.

I'll try to think of some more pieces and give you more ideas later.