Which Book for 7yr old Non-Reader

Posted by: Beartime

Which Book for 7yr old Non-Reader - 01/25/16 05:34 PM

I am trying to puzzle out whether it is better to start with MFPA or Primer for a 7yr old beginner who can't read, and won't even start learning to read English till 8yrs old - as another language has priority.

Does anyone have any experience or advice? I am afraid that MFPA will be too young, but on the other hand the Primer might not work so well?
Posted by: shannonspiano

Re: Which Book for 7yr old Non-Reader - 01/28/16 03:11 PM

For a non reader in any language I would probably start with mostly ear training, and MFPA. The other option that I've just started using for my non readers is Piano Safari.
Posted by: mypianorotebook

Re: Which Book for 7yr old Non-Reader - 02/19/16 03:56 PM

There are two volumes of rote pieces for beginning and early intermediate students called "For the Aspiring Pianist... 27 Musical Treasures that are surprisingly easy to learn by Rote". Students of all ages love these fun pieces. www.pauladreyer.com. They are a good supplement to Piano Safari.