Steinways or ????

Posted by: jaydub2

Steinways or ???? - 01/29/06 07:00 PM

Just wondering if anyone out there would be willing to share their opinions about owning & teaching on a Steinway. I'm ready to buy!

other makes and models welcome too. thanks
Posted by: AnnelieseDanae

Re: Steinways or ???? - 01/29/06 07:17 PM

I've played and used many brands of piano's. Every church I've been at has had different brands and because for many years my own home piano was so undependable I practiced daily for hours at my church and the 4 types of pianos I played on were Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai and another older brand done by Young Chang. Of all the pianos the one that consistently stayed in tune no matter what the temperature of the building and had the best touch was the Yamaha. Piano's don't all have the same touch, but all Yamaha's have a similar touch and have such a rich and full sound. Kawai goes out of tune easily (weather conditions) and the high notes can be rather bright. Steinway has a very heavy bass sound which can sometimes wipe all the high sounds out and all the other brands are alright, but Steinway or Yamaha and sometimes Kawai would be my preference. They're all good, but honestly... you'll pay more for a Yamaha, but you won't regret it!
Posted by: Arlene Steffen

Re: Steinways or ???? - 01/30/06 07:03 AM

I own a Steinway L and I wouldn't trade it for anything (except a Steinway B!).

I've played some very fine Kawai grands (don't like their uprights) and also Boston (engineered by Steinway, built by Kawai).

I've never played a Yamaha that I really liked. The tone always seems too brassy too me.

Pianos are very personal choices. I have a friend that absolutely adores her Schimmel. It's a nice piano, but it's a little too dark for me.
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Re: Steinways or ???? - 01/30/06 07:21 AM

You're right. Its pretty much personal preference. I've never heard a brassy sound on the ones I've spent many years playing on, but maybe you've played a bad Jaydub.. you need to play it and make sure you like the touch, the sound and the way it looks (get someone professional, unless you know a lot about pianos, to check out the piano before you purchase it; maybe a friend thats a piano technician...that way you know you're not just getting the stores opinion (since they are trying to sell it to YOU).
Posted by: Natalia Huang

Re: Steinways or ???? - 01/30/06 09:44 AM

Which piano is good for you is definitely a personal preference. Think about how you would like the piano to feel and how you would like the piano to sound as you're playing. I personally really like Kawai grands since I like warmer tones and more resistance on the actions of the keys. Do you like it when there's more bass or when the higher registers come out more? I've once made a comment about preferring Kawai grands to Steinway which many disagreed. But again, it's personal preference. Good luck!
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Re: Steinways or ???? - 01/30/06 09:58 AM

Kind of like better try a lot before choosing to spend the rest of your life with just one! "Play the field" so to speak. Good luck with your purchase - I'm jealous!
Posted by: VioletBeauregarde

Re: Steinways or ???? - 01/30/06 03:16 PM

Steinway or a steinway made brand- Boston or Essex. The only other piano I endorse to anyone who asks or my students is a Yamaha.
Essex would be the most entry level of grand that is available, howbeit, very affordable. Then Yamaha, a Boston and at the top, Steinway. JMO. \:\)
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Re: Steinways or ???? - 01/31/06 10:47 AM

I bought a Fandrich & Sons 6'1 this past year. They are made here in Washington State. I love my piano. The man who made it tunes it for me regularly. He used to be a Steinway Concert Tuner. He's worked to create a piano that's a cross between a Steinway and a Mason & Hamlin. I had another technician check the piano out before I bought it. He thought he liked the sound better than a lot of Steinways he's played/tuned. This tuner also used to be a Steinway concert tuner. The action and touch are so even and not as stiff as some Steinways I've played. I see you live in WA. I might check out these. They cost less than Steinway. Most people are mesmerized by the sound of my piano. All parents say they've never heard anything so beautiful.
Posted by: Carole

Re: Steinways or ???? - 01/31/06 10:59 AM

My ears perked up when you said Mason & Hamlin. I have a 7' grand and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I play on a 7'5" Yamaha at church and also love that one. They are both wonderful instruments.
Posted by: VioletBeauregarde

Re: Steinways or ???? - 02/01/06 03:30 PM

One thing you need to remember is that pianos are strung either high or low tension. The higher strung tensions will have a brighter and louder sounding response. They are better for schools, choirs and stage work because they carry well. A low strung piano with lower tension has a warmer and more responsive tone that will let you really hear and change dynamics and moods easily. Very few pianos are low tension and will cost more $$$.
Something I learned today in a meeting with my agent \:\)
The best thing is what is great for one person is not great to someone else. Play test alot of models (even within the same brand name). When you get ones you like, jot down the information on model, manufacturer, price and where it was located. Then after you have a good list, you can narrow down your choices from ones you really liked before plunking down money.
Good luck to you!! Enjoy!!