Celtic Music

Posted by: Dolce

Celtic Music - 08/25/04 06:05 PM

I have some students who would love to play some Celtic music. Does FJH have anything like that available in the early intermediate level? They are interested in the kind of music that is played for things like Irish Step Dancing.

Thanks !!
Posted by: Carole

Re: Celtic Music - 08/25/04 06:59 PM

Dolce, doesn't Phillip Keveren (Hal L.) have a book of Celtic music? No idea of the level.
Posted by: Lisa Kalmar

Re: Celtic Music - 08/25/04 08:26 PM

Highland Jig by Mary Leaf might be what you're looking for. I don't know if they have it in a sheet, but it's in the IN RECITAL Throughout the Year book (Volume One, book 2) that was in the new release shipment that just came. It's classified as a "showpiece solo". This book is elementary, but it sounds harder than it is - lots of moves, open 5ths, and a fast jig tempo.
Posted by: pianoc

Re: Celtic Music - 08/26/04 09:51 AM

Scotland Sunrise by Melody Bober - listed as Intermediate. I have a student that has always loved me when I find her something Celtic to play.

Another one of her favorites - but not published by FJH, Festival in Aragon by Lynn Freeman Olson, published from Carl Fischer. This is also listed as Intermediate but more advanced than Scotland Sunrise.

Another song, not so much celtic in sound but in rhythm, Medieval Festival by Kevin R. Olson. I have it in Showcase Solos Book 2. It's written in the Lydian mode. Someone who has played several Celtic-style songs and likes the feel but might be interested in a little different sound might like this.
Posted by: Dolce

Re: Celtic Music - 08/26/04 01:36 PM

Thank you, everyone. These are great ideas, and I look forward to my new releases!!