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Recital - 05/24/05 03:22 AM

I may be the last teacher to have her recital. It seems you all had yours earlier in the month. Please wish me luck....some of them sound pretty's frustrating but then I can't make them practice at home. Some students were supposed to play two pieces but due to lack of practice I cut them to only one. I explain that nobody wants to sit in the audience and listen to them "practice". I could have cut them out completely but decided it's better for them to at least play something.

Luckily I have some who sound very nice if nerves don't get the best of them. As for me, I'm already nervous for them. It almost makes me sick

We have a nice variety of music ranging from very beginner to intermediate/late intermediate.

Well, I started typing my program for you all and realized - probably nobody I'll just leave it as a nice variety. Wish them luck!!! :p
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Re: Recital - 05/24/05 03:35 AM

xstitch4me, please tell me some music your students are playing. I am always looking for new material.
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Re: Recital - 05/24/05 05:53 AM

hey xstitch, don't feel bad, mine's not til june 12. is yours this coming weekend? i have a variety of beginner to late intermediate. i'll have to have 2 recitals because of the room at my house, so i'm afraid they'll be extremely short. i'm trying to balance them out so i have a bit of everything for each one. tricky business, huh?... hey, do you guys serve snacks etc? do you make or buy? this is the first big one i've done in 7 years, so i'm a bit nervous as the "hostess".
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Re: Recital - 05/24/05 06:03 AM

Mine is tonight. I always have refreshments but this is the first year I've asked each family to bring 1-2 dz cookies/brownies etc. Then I'm serving sherbet with sprite for the beverage. Easy. And....since you asked, here's a rundown of my recital. By the way, I have it at a church so that's easy but not the a grand piano which I would prefer...anyhooooooo....

Blue Boogie - John Schaum
Indian Dance - James Bastien
Happy New Year - Jane Bastien
Puppy Dog - William Gillock
My Koala Bear - Mark Nevin
Etude in Imitation - Louis Kohler
Ode to Joy - Beethoven (beginner level)
Morning Mood - Edvard Grieg
Saturday Night Boogie - Jane Bastien (always a favorite)
Bravery at Sea - James Bastien
Don't Wanna Leave You Blues - Martha Mier (always love everything of hers)
God Bless the USA - Lee Greenwood (student's choice - not mine even though I like the song)
Shared Moments - Will Bailey ( excellent website)
Melodic Tune - Louis Kohler
Imagine That - Will Bailey
Fur Elise - Beethoven (intermediate)
100 Years - John Ondrasik (popular song right now)
Habanera - G. Bizet
Hungarian Dance No. 5 - Johannes Brahms (late int)
Legends of the Fall - James Horner (late Int)
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring - Bach (late int/adv)

I always play a duet with a friend of mine - which saves me from the trauma of playing a solo.....I know, I'm mature. Hope it goes well.
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tonight! wow! good luck, your program looks wonderful!
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Re: Recital - 05/24/05 06:43 AM

Good luck xstitch! My recital was this last Saturday. Everything went really well. I had one student that left her duet piece in her dad's car and he left for work so we had to come up with a last minute piece. Wasn't great- but considering the circumstance... All in all I couldn't have asked for a better recital. One of my little students afterwards told me never to retire! Ha! Ha! I told her I wasn't planning to anytime soon. I thought that was cute!
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Re: Recital - 05/25/05 02:46 AM

xstitch, we do care! Post your recital program. It's great to get new ideas, and I love to look at recital programs.
Jennifer, what a wonderful compliment. I wish one of my students would tell me that!
I always give my students the choice of playing something they already know, or getting a new piece, and they ALWAYS want a new piece. Somehow I usually get them a piece that just suits their personality and playing style. This year I nailed it perfectly and my recital was the best in years. --Susan
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Re: Recital - 05/25/05 04:19 AM

Well, everything went wonderfully! All my students played except one adult student who wanted the night to be for her daughter - they brought her flowers - it was so cute. My own son did very well and as nervous as I get for them - it was great!!! The only hitch was we didn't check the pianos first.....HUGE mistake. Out of 4 available pianos...I had to pick best of the worst...from out of tune to notes that stick and don't come back up - to a broken sustain pedal. The one picked had a small problem with echoing....for most it wasn't noticeable but for more advanced students, I cringed. I'm sure nobody else noticed. All in all it was probably my best recital yet. Of course it's always a huge relief to have it done....but then I can't sleep that night because I replay songs over and over and over....I guess that's another issue...thanks for all of your support and ideas on this site. I love it!!!
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Re: Recital - 05/25/05 05:12 AM

Congratulations on your recital success! I know you are glad it is over. I had mine recently and at first thought it was doomed. The morning of the event I lost my 14-year-old dalmatian to a stroke and was an emotional mess. I had no voice from a cold/flu thing and the printers did not have the programs ready at the time they had promised. And here I thought I was organized. Ha!
Despite the insanity of the hours before the event, it went well. There was a great turn out and parents had encouraging comments about the evening. The students seemed to enjoy themselves and the parents were so proud. It was a great thing to see them enjoy performing. I am relieved, though, that it is over!

By the way, I loved the variety you had in your program.
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Re: Recital - 05/25/05 08:05 AM

Originally posted by xstitch4me:
[Of course it's always a huge relief to have it done....but then I can't sleep that night because I replay songs over and over and over....I guess that's another issue...thanks for all of your support and ideas on this site. I love it!!! [/QB]
Oh my goodness! I have the same problem! The night of my recital I didn't get to sleep until 5:00am the next day because my mind kept replaying the recital over and over again! UGH! Then the sun woke me up at 7:30am. 2 1/2 hours of sleep is NOT good! I'm still trying to catch up!
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I had my recital on the 21st. Only one student didn't show. I thought there would be more since every sport known to mankind had their big event on that very day. This was by far my most successful recital. A few students succumbed to nerves but all-in all they did well. Most students got their recital pieces in March so they had ample time to prepare. I also became pickier about details and nuance. It paid off. This was the program:
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Yankee Doodle— Traditional
Winnie The Pooh--Richard Sherman
Lullaby For A Puppy—Margaret Goldston
Pete, The Repeat Bird--- Nancy Faber
Un Petit Jazz--George Peter Tingley
Star Wars---John Williams
Throwing Pebbles in a Stream— Katherine Beard
BB’s Boogie –Billy Boyd
Colors of the Wind—Alan Menken
Be Our Guest—Alan Menken
My Heart Will Go On—James Horner
Fur Elise—Beethoven
Sparkling Brook-- Margaret Goldston
Prelude –Chopin
Linus and Lucy--Vince Guaraldi
The Sultan’s Caravan—Jane S. Bastien
The Entertainer-Scott Joplin
In The Hall of the Mountain King— Grieg
Waltz of the Bayou — Catherine Rollin
The Eye of the Storm— Robert Vandall
Sonatina in C--Clementi
Allegro Furioso—Skye Garcia
Moonlight Sonata—Beethoven
“A” Train-- Billy Strayhorn
Rusty Rag —Melody Bober
Blue Moon (duet) —Rodgers & Hart
Juba---Nathaniel Dett
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Re: Recital - 05/25/05 09:04 AM

I love reading other's programs. With recital over now, I had the piano tuner come to revamp my piano. I was told earlier I had dead strings - on the phone this guy said there's no way with a 22 yr old piano. He'd never seen it in his 30+ years or tuning. Well, he came and sure enough four strings were dead. That's always my luck....when someone tells me - it's not always However, he was wonderful, fixed the strings and my piano sounds brand new. Well worth the bux you have to fork out. It sounds like everyone's having a great recital this year and that makes me happy! I hope everyone doesn't disappear over the summer....I still have students and I'm addicted to this site so hopefully I'm not alone.
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Re: Recital - 05/25/05 09:24 AM

I'm addicted too!!! Just curious-is anyone taking lessons themselves this summer? I plan to take a month from my former teacher. Not so much repertoire for ME (although I may tackle a couple of things), but to discuss my students and his suggestions. He tells me he has used some materials this year that really appeal to boys. I'm definitely interested!!!!!!!!