To his teacher...

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To his teacher... - 12/31/00 09:16 PM

...from a letter dated January 1, 1842 to Otto Cossel:

Beloved Teacher!

Once again a year has passed, and I am reminded how far you have brought me in music in the year gone by. How many thanks do I owe you for that! True, I must also consider that at times I did not follow your wishes, in that I did not practice as I should have. I promise you, however, in this year to comply with your wishes with diligence and attentiveness. While wishing you much happiness for the new year, I remain
Your obedient student,
J. Brahms (age 9)

Happy New Year, all!
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Re: To his teacher... - 01/01/01 06:20 AM

Jason: How precious! Don't we all wish all of our students would come back to piano saying that to us for this new year? I would like to take this opportunity to THANK all of you for sharing your ideas this past year. I ENJOY reading what you post and learning from you!
I want to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and the dream of many students saying what Brahms did!