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Posted by: xstitch4me

Personal Plug - 08/12/05 06:17 AM

Ok...I normally don't like attention of any kind. As you can tell by my name, I love cross stitch. I joined a group on Yahoo where they post pics but they had already met their storage capacity. So, I created my own group bestcrossstitchpics and threw my own cross stitch pics on there. If you're interested in seeing them - feel free. So far, I'm the only member :p

If you love or even like cross stitch - please come look around! - groups - bestcrossstitchpics I know, I should have come up with a better name, but didn't know what I was doing and then it was done \:D
Posted by: Christina

Re: Personal Plug - 08/15/05 05:47 PM

do i have to do the whole yahoo thing? i want to see your pictures, but i think i have to sign up for something. i'm suspicious and paranoid. :rolleyes: i've done about 4 cross stitches in my life, and i really enjoy it, but i always give them away for gifts. you've got me curious. and i see you have 5 members now! cool!
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Re: Personal Plug - 08/16/05 04:56 AM

I believe you just sign up at Yahoo - just like this. You don't have to download anything.....just create a user name and password. Come look around!
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Re: Personal Plug - 08/16/05 11:35 AM

Christina - try copying this, then you don't have to sign up for anything and can look around:
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Re: Personal Plug - 08/16/05 01:21 PM

wow! those are amazing! how long does it take you to do one of those? you'd better beware, you're inspiring me to do another...
Posted by: pianoc

Re: Personal Plug - 08/16/05 02:21 PM

Where do you get these from? Do you make your own patterns - use books - use kits? It makes me want to it again also! It's been years for me, and mine were nothing like yours. Yours are actually pictures that people would enjoy looking at. Mine were just pictures that showed I worked hard at something.
Posted by: Arlene Steffen

Re: Personal Plug - 08/16/05 03:33 PM

Incredible! Thanks for sharing. \:\)
Posted by: Christina

Re: Personal Plug - 08/16/05 04:32 PM

i have a pattern book of a bunch of music themed pictures with animals or flowers all set in. the 2nd last one i did was of a treble clef with some ivy and flowers woven through and a bird hovering off to the side. it was really pretty, and it took a lot of work, and i ended up giving it to my friend (also a piano teacher) a couple of years ago for christmas. she put it up in her piano studio. it's made me think i should get out my book and do some for my OWN studio. except it would take me years to complete!!!!
Posted by: Jennifer

Re: Personal Plug - 08/16/05 05:54 PM

Wow! I'm impressed!
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Re: Personal Plug - 08/17/05 03:27 AM

Posted by: Lisa Kalmar

Re: Personal Plug - 08/17/05 03:40 AM

Whoa - those are unbelievable! How do you do that?!?

Me mum used to really be into the counted xstitch. I thought she was good, but your stuff is other wordly! She used to say that the world would be a much better place if everyone just learned to xstitch! \:D
Posted by: pianoannie

Re: Personal Plug - 08/17/05 04:08 AM

It's been many years since I've done any cross-stitching...but I have enough experience to know those are fabulous! I adore the Victorian Christmas one especially! Thank you for sharing--I truly enjoyed looking at them. I even zoomed in close up to appreciate the details.
Posted by: unreal

Re: Personal Plug - 08/17/05 04:59 AM

Gorgeous, xstitch! Absolutely gorgeous...I used to xstitch too, back in the day, and sew and crochet too. Fun little doodads remain around the house to remind me, but nothing like what you've shown us here.
Posted by: xstitch4me

Re: Personal Plug - 08/17/05 06:07 AM

Thank you all so much. You're very sweet. I just love it - to me, cross stitching and piano are equal in value to me. I can't imagine life without either one. One personal confession: these two things fill a void in my life that I'm missing. I won't go into detail but I'm sure some of you understand. Thanks for your support.
Posted by: Dolce

Re: Personal Plug - 08/17/05 09:12 AM

Unbelievably beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.
Posted by: Whitney

Re: Personal Plug - 08/17/05 08:20 PM

Wow....I had no idea cross stitches could be so intricate and beautiful. Thanks!
Posted by: Susan

Re: Personal Plug - 08/18/05 03:26 AM

These are beautiful. How long did it take you to do all of them? You must have spent years!
I used to cross stitch, but my eyes can't take it anymore.
Posted by: xstitch4me

Re: Personal Plug - 08/18/05 01:20 PM

I started with my first son's birth who's now 19. I started with a birth announcement, liked it and kept going. I later picked a piece I wanted to do on linen and a cross stitch store owner told me I couldn't do it for my first one and I decided that I could and I did. Been going ever since. I usually complete 2 large ones a year. I feel like I have to keep going since my eyes will go one day too. That will be a hard time for me.
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Re: Personal Plug - 08/19/05 11:10 AM

OK - so this may be just a plain, dumb question...

Are yours counted cross-stitch, printed on fabric, or both?

I guess I want to know more about where you get your patterns that actually look beautiful when you're done, instead of like something homemade to pass the time of day.
Posted by: xstitch4me

Re: Personal Plug - 08/19/05 01:39 PM

I only do counted cross stitch. I buy patterns from catalogs mostly or from nice needlework stores. You can also find them at Michael's (if you have one). It's a craft store. is a great site and catalog. is another I think. I don't order online but you can order a catalog through the websites. Yep, you start with a blank piece of ada cloth or linen...makes me feel sort of like an artist. Just wish I could create the patterns myself.
Posted by: NancyK

Re: Personal Plug - 08/19/05 02:14 PM

They are beautiful!
I did my first counted cross stitch when my first child was born too. I did some for a few years. I really don't do it any anymore. I got into beads and make a lot of bracelets and matching earrings. Also necklaces. I bought a book to make watches. I love watches and own quite a few. Beads can be addicting, and expensive, but it is fun to do and give as gifts. I do fast projects mostly. Anyone else into beads?
Posted by: Susan

Re: Personal Plug - 08/19/05 03:22 PM

You would think more music teachers would do beads. It IS the order of flats!
A friend of mine makes prayer bracelets and rosary bracelets. They are so pretty.
I crochet and knit. That's something my eyes can take. The prettiest yarn is available now.
Posted by: NancyK

Re: Personal Plug - 08/19/05 04:39 PM

Susan...LOL. True about the order of flats!
I definitely wear glasses to work with the beads. In fact, I just can't seem to see a thing lately and keep needing stronger reading glasses. I called for an eye appointment just today. I tried kitting and crochet but I didn't get into it. There are very pretty yarns however. And SO MANY beads.
Posted by: Bootero

Re: Personal Plug - 10/03/05 08:48 AM

I looked at your beautiful work and I am inspired to do some cross-stitching again. It's been years, but your work is just stunning. I have several of the Lavender and Lace patterns. Thanks for the photo tour of your work. Amazing!
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Re: Personal Plug - 10/04/05 07:52 AM

Thank you Bootero. Get to work again and then you can show your creations! It IS my therapy.