What do you sit on when you teach?

Posted by: Pianogalval

What do you sit on when you teach? - 08/21/15 01:42 AM

Hello Everyone!

I am doing some shopping for a new chair to use while teaching. I would love to know/see what you use! My current chair is normal heighth, wood, and not very comfortable. No good for teaching lots of hours. My piano room is carpeted and is also used as a formal living room so I'd like to stay away from an rolling office chair if possible ( unless someone can talk me into it! )

Thanks in advance,
Posted by: EllaCat

Re: What do you sit on when you teach? - 08/21/15 10:12 AM

I sit on one of my dining room chairs - I just haul it over to the piano on teaching nights. But I only teach 2 nights a week so a "dedicated" chair isn't necessary for me. smile
Posted by: Christi

Re: What do you sit on when you teach? - 08/22/15 07:32 PM

I use a nice looking padded folding chair.
Posted by: shannonspiano

Re: What do you sit on when you teach? - 08/24/15 10:38 AM

I use a piano bench, however I do have 2 instruments in the studio and 3 benches. It's not always the most comfortable, but at least it's the same comfort level the students enjoy. Very rarely do I get to sit back on the couch in the studio and listen in..
Posted by: J.Baker

Re: What do you sit on when you teach? - 08/26/15 04:15 PM

As long as the chair is well padded then any chair will do, although I would avoid a too cushy lounge chair - one needs to be ready to move about readily.

I sit, I stand, I illustrate at the keyboard. I shift my positions at different points according to my interaction with the student. But a comfortable chair is a must if you are teaching a good deal.
Posted by: Bridget

Re: What do you sit on when you teach? - 08/27/15 07:19 AM

I use an old "ornate" arm chair that used to belong to my great grandmother. It fits in a formal living room as it looks nice, but it is padded enough to be very comfortable for long hours, but light enough to be moved around for lessons and normal living at home. Something similar to this:
Surprisingly similar in style and color too! I recommend Craigslist or antique shops for finding something affordable. The ONLY drawback I have to this chair is that there is quite a bit of sentimental attachment as is belong to my great grandmother, and young students like to bounce on it when we switch places for me to sit on the bench during lessons. smirk