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February 8 :: My First Piano Adventure Workshop
Dallas, TX
9:00am - 12:00pm - Penders Music
Randall Faber, clinician
February 9 :: An Evening with Randall Faber
Dallas, TX
Penders Music
February 23 :: Gilmore Festival - "KeysFest"
Battle Creek, MI
Randall Faber, performance and master class
::For more information, visit www.thegilmore.com ::
February 29 - March 1 :: Wasserman Festival, Utah State University
Logan, UT
Featuring pianists Yundi Li and Randall Faber
March 20-21 :: Korean Piano Adventures Convention
Seoul, S. Korea
Randall Faber
March 20 - Press Conference Dinnner
March 21 - Piano Adventures clinician special sessions
March 22 - Presentations, Master class, Recital
For more details, visit www.adventure.co.kr
March 29 - April 2 :: Music Teachers National Association Convention
Denver, CO
April 1, 9:15am - "Have Questions/Got Answers" (Randall Faber with Ingrid Clarfield and Scott McBride Smith)
April 2, 8:00am - "Adventurous Teaching" (Randall Faber with Marienne Uszler featuring Nancy Faber on video)
:: For more information, visit MTNA's conference website ::
March 31/April 1 :: Randall Faber on TV show "Heart to Heart"
Arirang TV
:: Available after April 1st for on-demand viewing on the Arirang TV website ::
April 16 :: Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association
Pittsburgh, PA
Age-Appropriate Teaching - Introducing My First Piano Adventure
Randall Faber
April 30 - May 9 :: Southeast Asia Tour
April 30 - Kuching: Workshop and Recital
May 2 - Kota Kinabalu: Workshop and Recital
May 4 - Kuala Lumpur: Workshop and Recital
May 6 - Singapore: Workshop and Recital
May 7 - Petaling Jaya: Workshop and Recital
May 9 - Jakarta: Workshop and Recital
June 6 ::Randall Faber in Recital
Chicago, IL
12:00 noon; Live broadcast WFMT 98.7FM
Pianoforte Salon Series, Fine Arts Building 410 S. Michigan Ave, Ste. 825
» Listen to the live internet stream at www.wfmt.com, 12:15-1:00pm
June 27/July 11 :: Music Teachers Association of California Convention
Riverside, CA
June 27, 12 noon - "Adventurous Teaching" (Randall Faber with Marienne Uszler featuring Nancy Faber on video)
» For convention details, visit mtac.org/convention
July 15-16 :: Portland International Music Festival
Portland, OR
For details, visit www.portlandpiano.org
July 29 - August 22 :: Piano Adventures Summer Workshop Tour
United States
Introducing My First Piano Adventure®
Join Randall Faber and Suzanne Guy for this exciting workshop and experience the newest Piano Adventures® publications — My First Piano Adventure® series and Gold Star Performance by Nancy and Randall Faber. You will be presented with fresh and innovative teaching tips and educational videos from the Fabers, which are sure to vitalize your studio. Register today for this enlightening presentation. Bring your questions and a notepad for a special morning with Dr. Faber or Suzanne Guy.

» Click here for the complete list of tour cities and locations
October 23 :: World Piano Pedagogy Conference
Dallas, TX
Faber Showcase: "Adventurous Teaching"
Nancy and Randall Faber
» For more information, visit www.pianovision.com
November 22-23 :: New Jersey Music Teachers State Conference
Princeton, NJ
Randall Faber, Conference Artist
» For more information, visit www.njmta.com